The Bosch Benchmark 36-inch NETP666SUC electric cooktop has stainless steel touch controls and five different burners with nine different configurations. The controls are laid out in a line on the outside of the ceramic cooktop, and each burner configuration has its own corresponding button. This ceramic cooktop also has a bridge element, allowing you to evenly cook food on a grill or long pan that covers two burners.

This glass cooktop provides solid, even cooking for every size of pot or pan you have. The three-zone, 12-inch heating element has an impressive maximum power of 3,080 watts, giving you a fast boil option for a small tea kettle or a large pot of pasta. The left side of the cooktop has two burners that combine into a bridge element. The oblong shape is perfect for long roasting pans or grills. When any of the burners are on, heat elements light up on the interior so you know when they're unsafe to touch.

The controls are set directly on the ceramic glass in the middle of the cooktop. One advantage the Bosch has is that each different burner configuration has its own button. This makes the settings easier to see and allows you to learn the configuration quickly. Other cooktops make you push one button several times to set up the burner right. The Bosch, on the other hand, assigns a specific number and button to each setup, making it easier to memorize and use. In addition to the simplicity of the setup, the stainless steel on the front and back gives the cooktop a distinct, premium look. However, if you prefer the traditional stovetop knobs, you might prefer the Kenmore Elite 45113 with a row of controls on the right-hand side of the cooktop.

A key feature of this electric cooktop is its PowerStart temperature system. This allows you to set an initial maximum power output that automatically decreases to a preselected temperature. If you're boiling vegetables, for example, the PowerStart makes sure that the pot doesn't boil over and make a mess on the cooktop. You also get AutoChef, which gives you nine different cooking programs for common dishes. For instance, if you're making pancakes, the AutoChef setting chooses the best temperature and automatically adjusts the heat for consistent results.

The Bosch Benchmark NETP666SUC stands out with its simple design, stainless steel accents and flexible configuration. It boils quickly, and the PowerStart system decreases the chance of boiling over, which creates an unsafe mess. All things considered, this electric cooktop is a quality choice for any kitchen.

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