Pros / Both the upper and lower ovens boast 5 cubic feet of cooking space.

Cons / This product lacks convection cooking technology.

 Verdict / The large size of this oven helps it stand out, but its lack of features and convection technology are large drawbacks.

The KitchenAid KODT100ESS is a built-in wall oven with an exceptional amount of cooking space. This electric wall double oven provides a combined 10 cubic feet of cooking space, making it one of the largest wall double ovens available. It also provides easy-to-use touch controls.

The standout feature of this wall double oven is its large interior. Both the upper and lower ovens provide 5 cubic feet of cooking space. This makes it easy to cook multiple dishes in the oven at once. Furthermore, it comes with two racks for the upper oven and two for the lower oven. This isn't as many racks as you can find on other double ovens, but it still allows you to cook multiple dishes with ease in each oven.

Both the upper and lower ovens feature thermal cooking technology only; there is no convection mode. Convection ovens circulate hot air with fans so that food cooks faster and more evenly than it would in a standard thermal oven.

The controls on this oven are fairly straightforward. Touch controls are located above both ovens. The touch controls include basic settings as well as a number pad, so you can easily enter exact times and temperatures instead of scrolling through numbers to get to your desired setting.

Another feature of this electric wall double oven is its Even-Heat Preheat option. With this setting, the oven reaches the desired temperature throughout the interior, and you don't have to worry about cold walls or cold pockets that may cause your food to cook unevenly. The oven also features a self-cleaning option to remove spilled food and debris. A temperature probe is built into the oven, which helps you know when your food has reached a safe temperature to eat. However, there is no warming feature, which would keep your food from cooling off without overcooking it, or defrost or dehydrate options. A one-year parts and labor manufacturer warranty is included on this oven.

The KitchenAid KODT100ESS double wall oven's combined 10 cubic feet of cooking space and four racks allow you to cook multiple dishes at once. It also boasts easy-to-use controls and a handful of features such as self-cleaning and a temperature probe. As a simple and large electric wall double oven, the KitchenAid KODT100ESS is designed to provide powerful results.

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