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Pros / Its high capacity and sensor cooking options will save time.

Cons / This model has fewer sensor cooking settings than other models.

 Verdict / This over the range microwave has impressive power and capacity. If the single color option fits with your décor, this is one of the best microwaves you can buy.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Although it has fewer sensor cooking settings than other models, the Electrolux EI30BM60MS's powerful sensor cooking and convection cooking features make it one of the best over the range microwaves in our review. The addition of the oven rack doubles your cooking space to make cooking time more efficient. We gave it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for its combination of power, design and features.

  • Power
  • Power Levels
  • Interior Capacity
  • Preset Cook Buttons
  • Airflow
  • Magnetron Warranty
  1. The amount of power with which the microwave cooks.
    More is better
  2. 2  Electrolux EI30
    1000.0 Watts
  3. 1050.0 Watts
  4. 1000.0 Watts
  5. Category Average
    1005.0 Watts

Power & Cooking

This over the range microwave offers competitive power with 1,000 watts and 10 programmable power levels. Its capacity of 1.8 cubic feet offers more room when cooking than many of its competitors.

This over the stove microwave uses convection technology to act as a second oven. You can bake, roast and broil with it. This microwave also has sensor cooking features that eliminate the need to manually check if your food is thoroughly cooked. The sensors detect moisture in the air and can determine the doneness of your meal or snack. If it is not ready, the microwave adjusts the time to make sure the "ding" sound you hear means the food is at the ideal temperature. The microwave has five sensor cooking options, which is fewer than many similar models, but it covers commonly microwaved items, including proteins, frozen entrees, rice and, of course, popcorn.

If you find yourself reheating food from previous meals, the sensor reheat comes in handy. Just like with sensor cooking, the sensors detect the amount of humidity in your leftovers and adjust the time accordingly. The sensors make sure your food is at the perfect temperature and not overdone.

There are also a number of auto cook and defrost options. While these do not use the sensor technology, they still offer an accurate estimate for how much time the selected option requires. Should you finish cooking before your guests arrive, you can use the Warm Hold feature to keep food at a warm temperature without nuking it. This microwave is one of the few in our lineup that also offers convection cooking, which means you can use this microwave to roast or broil food like an oven. Unfortunately, this machine does not feature a delay start capability.

Vent & Hood

The Electrolux EI30 boasts impressive hood features. The fan starts automatically when there is a significant amount of heat rising from the stovetop. The fan is powerful, clearing 400 cubic feet of polluted hot air per minute. The ventilation moves polluted air and unpleasant odors to the exterior of your house, or, if your kitchen is not designed for exterior ventilation, it simply filters and recirculates the air in your kitchen. It vents the air at three different adjustable speeds, and it can handle a lot of heat. The cooktop light is also versatile, offering three brightness settings. It also features an auto-start vent, which will turn on automatically when it senses high temperatures. If you value the sleek look of your kitchen, the hidden vents on this appliance will get rid of bad air without distracting from your décor.


This microwave is available only in stainless steel, so it does not match every kitchen or everyone's taste. However, it has functional design elements. The keypad is conveniently

located at the bottom of the unit. Everything is easy to see and reach. The child lock is easy to operate, so only the people who know the code can use the controls. Unfortunately, there are no options for controlling the beeper's sound and noise level on this appliance. The rack that comes with this microwave has adjustable legs, which allows you to cook more dishes at once by placing one dish on the rack and one beneath it.

Warranty & Support

Electrolux customer service options are solid, including online live chat on its all-around great website. The warranty for this over the range microwave is excellent. It has a standard one-year warranty on labor and three years on parts, and it offers an exceptional 10-year warranty on the magnetron, the main component in the microwave.


The Electrolux EI30BM60MS is an excellent appliance with a number of the best over the range microwave oven features. It does have fewer sensor cooking settings than other microwaves we reviewed, and its single color option does not fit with every kitchen's design. However, if the unit fits in your budget and your color preference, you will get a quality and high-capacity microwave.

Electrolux EI30 BM60MS Visit Site