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GE Profile PVM9179DK Review

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PROS / This unit does the work of a microwave, convection oven and over the range hood.

CONS / This GE microwave has fewer sensor cooking options than other microwaves.

 VERDICT / The short warranty, lack of features and low power of this microwave keep it from ranking higher in our comparison. However, without these features it is still a decent appliance to have.

In addition to humidity sensors that cook and reheat your meals perfectly, the GE Profile PVM9179DK has convection options for baking and roasting as well as a powerful ventilation system for cleaning the air. It has all of the important features of an over the range microwave for an affordable price. However, it is missing several other features found in the other microwaves we evaluated.

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The interior has a capacity of 1.7 cubic feet, which is average for over the range microwaves and gives you a nice share of space. Even without its two cooking racks, the microwave can handle large dishes up to 9 x 13 inches. This over the range microwave provides 1,000 watts of power and 10 adjustable power levels that you can even change while the unit is running. With this feature, you won't have to stop the microwave just to adjust the power partway through cooking.

  1. The amount of power with which the microwave cooks.
    More is better
  2. 10 GE Profile
    950 Watts
  3. 1050 Watts
  4. 1000 Watts
  5. 1000 Watts
  6. Category Average
    1005.00 Watts

This over the range microwave oven has sensor cooking that eliminates guesswork. Its humidity sensors determine if the food is at the proper temperature. If it is not, you won't need to add 30 seconds or a minute manually, because the microwave automatically adds the appropriate amount of cooking time. This GE model has a few different sensor options for specific foods, so you can be assured that each item is cooked correctly. Unfortunately, the GE Profile does not have as many sensor cook buttons as other microwaves in this review, which might making cooking less convenient.

The sensors and other automatic options come in handy when you have frozen vegetables or meat to defrost, or if you want to reheat some leftovers. This microwave does not have the warm hold feature, so keeping food warm until serving time will be more difficult.

Unlike traditional microwaves, this over the range microwave oven comes with convection cooking capabilities, so you can use it to bake, roast and broil like a standard oven. The waves circulating through the unit even brown your food, just like your oven, but with the speed of a microwave. With the GE Profile's ample space and dual cooking racks, you won't need to heat up your oven and entire kitchen to roast a chicken or bake some cookies.

This microwave offers other features that are useful in the kitchen. You can eliminate the end-of-cycle signal for less noise in your kitchen; however, there is no child lock feature to prevent little hands from interacting with the buttons.

Another drawback for the GE Profile is that you do not get a delay-start feature, which is a benefit found on many of the best microwaves. If you're working late, your teenager or anyone at home can pop food into a microwave with a delayed start and not even have to bother with any settings because you have programmed them previously. At the right time, the microwave begins cooking, and the food is ready for dinner when everyone is home.

The fan in this unit has three different speeds that you can adjust, and if the stove puts off too much heat, the auto-start vent begins clearing the air. The vent filters air at 300 cubic feet per minute, which is average for similar over the range microwaves. The ventilation hood on this over the stove microwave also has a dual-setting cooktop light that provides illumination for your stovetop as well as a night light.

The simple and clean design makes this an attractive kitchen appliance. Buttons do not overwhelm the keypad, and the keys are flat and easy to clean. The unit is available in stainless steel, black, gray or white, so you can match it with the rest of the appliances in your kitchen. It comes with two cooking racks, essentially tripling your cooking space. Unfortunately, you cannot turn off the turntable so it likely will struggle to rotate under the weight of a large dish.

GE offers the standard one-year warranty on parts and labor with this microwave. There is no additional warranty on the magnetron, the main component of the microwave, which makes this one of the weakest warranties on our lineup. GE does offer live chat support online, as well as a telephone number and an email address in case you need help with your unit. Our experience with the live chat was a pleasant one. We were answered quickly and given satisfactory answers to our questions.


The GE Profile PMV9179DK is a relatively expensive unit considering it doesn't have as many features as some other microwaves in our lineup. It can serve as a convection oven, which essentially gives you a second oven, and the sensor options take the guesswork out of microwaving. The GE Profile is a great tool for the kitchen, and it simultaneously performs the functions of an over the range ventilation hood. However, the lower power and lack of features like warm hold, delay start and child lock make this a less desirable microwave than others we evaluated.

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