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Kenmore 80333 Review

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PROS / The eight humidity sensor options eliminate guesswork as to cooking times.

CONS / There is no delay-start option.

 VERDICT / This microwave offers basic features at an affordable price.

The Kenmore 80333 over the range microwave gives you some useful features and capabilities for preparing meals and snacks. Although it does not have convection cooking, it has most of the standard characteristics for an over the range microwave. Despite its limitations compared to the best microwave ovens, this over the stove microwave does the job of both a microwave and a range hood.

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At 1,000 watts and 10 power levels, this microwave is relatively powerful. It's the average size and has a healthy interior capacity of 1.7 cubic feet. It also presents a good number of sensor options. Sensors determine how much time your food needs to cook by detecting humidity levels. This microwave has sensor-cook options for bacon, rice, frozen entrees and breakfasts. It also has four sensor reheat options to make sure your leftovers are at the right temperature and not overdone.

  1. The amount of power with which the microwave cooks.
    More is better
  2. 8 Kenmore 80333
    1000 Watts
  3. 1050 Watts
  4. 1000 Watts
  5. 1000 Watts
  6. Category Average
    1005.00 Watts

If you aren't ready to eat right at the "ding," the keep-warm feature keeps your food at the right temperature until you're ready. And you can always turn off the end-of-cycle signal if you don't want to hear it. However, there is no delay-start function with this microwave, so you cannot have someone pop a meal into it in the late afternoon and have dinner waiting when everyone gets home. Since it also lacks a convection option, you can't bake with it either, so it's not as convenient for making a complete dinner as the best over the range microwaves are.

The range hood of this microwave vents to the exterior of your house if your kitchen design allows for it. If not, it still filters and recirculates hot or smoky air in your kitchen. The fan turns on automatically if your microwave senses any tainted air, which is a great feature found in the best microwaves. The vent is hidden is this model.

You can choose from three different colors for this microwave – black, white and stainless steel – so it works with many different kitchen designs. The keypad is simple and uncluttered with flat buttons for easy cleaning. The cooktop lights on the hood illuminate your stovetop so you can clearly see any food you are preparing on the burners. You get one cooking rack, which doubles the available cooking space so you can heat more than one plate at a time. You can turn off the turntable function if you're cooking food in a heavy dish so the turntable doesn't struggle under the weight.

The Kenmore website provides a phone number and email address in case you run into any difficulties, but there is no live chat, which other manufacturers offer. The warranty is the standard one year on parts and labor, but it does not include any additional coverage on the magnetron, the main component in the unit.


The Kenmore 80333 is an over the range microwave oven that covers all the basics. Its eight sensor-cooking and reheating options are definite pluses, especially for the price, but the lack of convection oven capabilities and a delay-start function can be inconvenient.

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