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LG LMV18 13ST Review

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PROS / The powerful ventilation fan clears the air faster than other models.

CONS / The look and two color options won't fit every taste.

 VERDICT / This reasonably priced unit is more functional than flashy and includes an exceptional warranty.

The LG LMV1813ST is a basic over the range microwave with a basic design. It does not offer convection cooking, but it does include many convenient features at a reasonable price. It also provides powerful ventilation for your kitchen.

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This over the stove microwave is an average size, and its interior capacity is just above average at 1.8 cubic feet. The one included cooking rack creates a bi-level cooking space that comes in quite handy when you need extra room for cooking. This microwave also has more power than many other models. Its 1,100 watts place it among the best microwave ovens in terms of cooking power.

  1. The amount of power with which the microwave cooks.
    More is better
  2. 7 LG LMV18
    1100 Watts
  3. 1050 Watts
  4. 1000 Watts
  5. 1000 Watts
  6. Category Average
    1005.00 Watts

The LG LMV's sensors take the guesswork out of cooking commonly microwaved food. The sensors detect humidity levels to determine if your food is ready or if it needs a little extra time, so you don't have to stop the cooking process and guess how much longer your food needs to be cooked. The lack of convection abilities mean you can't use it for full baking, though; some of these microwaves allow you to use them as ovens.

The sensor reheat simplifies heating up leftovers, making sure they heat to the proper temperature without drying out. If you need to defrost meat or veggies before cooking, this microwave thaws them in minutes with both auto and rapid defrost options.

You can set the powerful fan on this unit at three different speeds, including a turbo mode, which clears the air faster than most range fans can and comes in handy for super-smoky cooktop projects. The fan is quieter than that of the average over the range microwave, yet it is more powerful than many others we reviewed. It is also programmable, so you can set the vent to run for a certain amount of time and shut itself off. The vent is hidden, and you can arrange the fan system to filter and recirculate polluted air or move it outside. It automatically starts when it detects too much heat or smoke coming from the stove. The cooktop light is also somewhat versatile with a couple of different intensity levels.

This over the stove microwave oven comes in only two colors, white and stainless steel, so it will not fit into as many kitchen settings as other units. It also looks boxy and basic.

LG excels in the support category. Its website is informative and well organized, and the live chat option gives you immediate information if you have any questions about your microwave. Parts and labor are covered for the standard one year, and the main component, the magnetron, is covered for 10 years, as opposed to the industry-standard five years.


The LG LMV1813ST is not the flashiest over the range microwave oven, but its functionality for its price makes it a smart purchase, especially with the long warranty that backs the magnetron. Its lack of convection cooking does limit its versatility, though.

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