Single Cup Coffee Makers Review

Why Buy a Single-Serve Coffeemaker?

Whether you work from home or oversee a large office, single-serve coffeemakers can give you the pick-me-up you need to power through your day. Single-cup brewers make it quick and easy to prepare your favorite hot drinks.

Single-serve coffeemakers come in many different sizes and styles. Some feature advanced options that give you greater control over the flavor of the coffee, and others can prepare coffee with easier cleanup. Popular models include the Black & Decker Brew 'n Go, the Keurig K45 and the Cuisinart SS-700. Choosing the right coffeemaker for your home or office may seem minor, but the right choice can have many benefits for comfort and productivity.

Single-Serve Coffeemakers: What to Look For

Finding the single-cup coffeemaker that fits your needs requires careful attention to detail. Minor variances in strength can have a major effect on flavor, and it may not be readily apparent which coffeemakers can handle specific coffee delivery methods.

Strength Control
Strength control is very important for coffee aficionados. Those who prefer a lighter blend and heavy-duty coffee drinkers alike can use machines with strength control to get the brew that exactly matches their personal tastes. Most strength control mechanisms feature a dial or selection of buttons that allow you to fine-tune the flavor to your taste.

Adjustable Volume
Adjustable-volume coffeemakers are great for busy office environments where many workers with individual mugs share the same coffeemaker. Sizes range from 4-ounce to 18-ounce cups on many machines.

Tank Capacity
If you prefer spending less time preparing coffee and more time enjoying it, check out single-cup coffeemakers that have ample tank capacity. Larger-capacity wells mean less time spent refilling the machine, and they can keep your settings through multiple cups of coffee. Machines with a large tank capacity are invaluable for keeping up productivity in many home offices.

Brewing Options
Modern coffees come with an astounding array of brewing options, and some machines can handle the vast majority of these varieties. Traditional ground coffee has a robust flavor and freshness due to the ability to grind immediately before serving. Teas come in many of these forms, including pods and loose leaf, and regular tea drinkers are likely to seek out the best one-cup coffeemakers that can handle both rich coffee and subtle teas. Machines that offer more than one brewing option are very useful for businesses where guests often visit and enjoy a cup alongside employees or busy offices with many workers.

Crafting the perfect cup of coffee requires the right ingredients and tools. The right single-cup coffeemaker helps take the guesswork out of brewing and gives you the necessary mix of options to please everyone in your home or office.