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Pros / Danalock is the only smart lock in our review that uses both Bluetooth and Z-Wave.

Cons / The security of this retrofit smart lock depends on the strength of the deadbolt you attach it to.

 Verdict / Danalock successfully meshes a standalone mobile app with Z-Wave smart home integration.

TopTenREVIEWS - Silver Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Danalock outperforms other smart locks by offering both Bluetooth and Z-Wave technologies. The lock has a fully functional mobile app, good technical support and a solid design that focuses on easy installation. This is more than enough for Danalock to earn our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for smart locks. Still, Danalock's security features underperform against many of the smart locks in our review.

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Security is Danalock's main deficiency, which stems from the fact that it is a retrofit-style smart door lock that attaches to a traditional deadbolt. This means its security is only as good as your deadbolt's. If you have an ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 or Grade 2 deadbolt, Danalock benefits from the security advantages that come with such ratings. However, if you have a Grade 3 or ungraded deadbolt, Danalock might not be the most secure option.

Despite variable hardware security, Danalock's software uses heavy encryption to protect against hackers and electronic attacks. The lock sends audio and mobile alerts when it's unable to lock, which happens when your door doesn't close completely. However, it doesn't have a siren and cannot detect if someone tries to force their way into your home. Danalock only tracks registered app users that use your door. If you connect the lock to a smart home system, the system records all activity, even when someone uses a key.

There are some optional accessories currently available for preorder: a keypad, key fob and garage door controller. The garage door controller connects your garage door opener to the Danalock so you can use your smartphone to open the garage when you get home. No other smart lock in our review offers a companion garage door controller.


Our tests showed Danalock is one of the most convenient smart locks available. The Danalock mobile app lets you adjust the lock's settings, add users and view lock activity. Guest access is available via the app, and you can configure this access using three settings: recurrent, temporary and permanent. Recurrent access gives your guests a daily or weekly time frame that allows them to open the door, temporary is a one-time access period and permanent grants access 24/7.

Danalock has two noteworthy convenience features: auto-unlock and twist assist. Auto-unlock uses your smartphone's location data to unlock the unit when you get close to home. Twist assist helps you lock the unit by hand; all you have to do is turn the lock a little and Danalock's motor takes over to complete the locking process. You can also lock and unlock your door by touching the button in the center of the unit.

The smart lock's auto-lock feature locks your door after a time delay, which ranges from five seconds to up to three minutes. You can set up remote access for Danalock via a home automation system. However, an upcoming Danabridge mobile app lets you connect Danalock to an old phone or tablet that otherwise sits in a drawer. When you install the app on the old device, it allows the lock to use the device's built-in Wi-Fi to enable remote access. This is different from most digital door locks, which require an additional accessory purchase.


Danalock comes with three mounting plates that match common deadbolt layouts, so its retrofit installation works with most deadbolt brands on the market. Likewise, there are four cylinder adapters that allow the smart lock to turn the locking mechanism. You don't need anything beyond a compatible smartphone since Danalock has a Bluetooth connection and a mobile app. Danalock comes in only one finish, black and aluminum, so you can't match it to your door's hardware, unlike typical smart locks with at least three finish options. The lock has an estimated 12-month battery life and is the only product in our review that uses CR123A lithium batteries.


You can connect Danalock to popular smart home platforms such as Nest, Logitech Harmony and Z-Wave. When you connect Danalock to a system, it can tell your thermostat to adjust temperatures based on whether you're leaving or coming home. While Danalock doesn't directly work with video doorbells, you can control both using a single mobile app if you have a compatible smart home system.

For our review, we evaluated the BTZU125 model, which has both Z-Wave and Bluetooth compatibility. However, you can choose a Danalock Bluetooth-only model if you don't plan on connecting the lock to a home automation system. This is the only smart lock in our review with this option. Danalock has effective mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Warranty & Support

If you need help with the lock, you can contact Danalock by email or telephone. The phone number on the company's website is a Danish number, so email is the better contact option if you don't have an international calling plan. The company doesn't offer a live chat support option. As is common among smart locks, Danalock has a one-year warranty.


Best-in-category convenience and control work with a good design to make Danalock one of the best smart locks in our review. In contrast, the lock's security and technical support options are not as complete as those of other smart locks in our review. This lock is a good fit for renters and homeowners alike.

Danalock V2 BTZU125 Visit Site