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Pros / Kwikset offers the best customer support resources of any smart lock in our review.

Cons / Kevo doesn't have an auto-lock feature.

 Verdict / Kwikset Kevo has excellent customer support and a quality design, but it might not be as secure as some other smart locks.

Kwikset Kevo is the result of a partnership between lock maker Kwikset and the access control software company UniKey. Kevo has a unique design compared to other smart locks. The lock is excellent in terms of design, control and technical support. Kevo's security and convenience features are good but lack the quality of higher-ranked smart door locks.

Our security testing revealed that Kwikset Kevo performs better than about half of the smart locks in our review. Much of this security comes from the lock's ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 rating. Unlike the best smart locks, Kevo doesn't track when someone uses a physical key to override the lock. While we did not perform destructive intrusion tests on Kevo, there is evidence it's vulnerable to a screwdriver forcing the lock open. We plan to confirm this vulnerability in future tests.

Kevo's mobile app makes the lock easy to use. It comes with two eKeys that you put on your phone or give to family members for permanent access to your home. You can use an in-app purchase to get more eKeys after the first two. You can also send out unlimited guest eKeys that expire after 24 hours. While the app allows you to invite guests and modify settings, it lacks built-in automatic locking. This makes Kevo one of two smart locks in our review without the feature. The lock doesn't have remote access, but you can add it by purchasing Kevo Plus, an optional accessory.

One convenience feature that helps make Kevo an excellent smart lock is Touch to Open, which scans for your phone or key fob so you can touch the lock to activate it when you get to the door. This isn't fully automatic but overcomes a common problem with auto-unlock: reliability. To make sure Touch to Open doesn't accidentally unlock for a stranger when set your phone near the lock inside, it only looks for phones and fobs outside your home.

Although Kevo replaces your deadbolt, you can rekey the lock with Kwikset's SmartKey tool. With this tool, you can switch compatible keys without visiting a locksmith. This means you can convert the lock to use your landlord's key so they can still enter your home when they need to. Kwikset Kevo only requires a smartphone to work properly, but it's also compatible with Nest and Honeywell home automation platforms and the Ring video doorbell.

Kwikset's offers more FAQs and video tutorial support resources than any other manufacturer in our review. You can contact the company by email, phone or live chat if you need personalized support. Live chat support is not common among smart lock companies. Kwikset provides an industry-standard one-year warranty on Kevo's electronic components. The lock’s mechanical components carry a lifetime warranty.

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Kwikset Kevo performs well in design and technical support. The smart lock's security features are not as robust as those of some other locks in our review, but its unique convenience features help make up for that. This digital door lock is a good choice for both renters and homeowners.

Kwikset Kevo 925 Visit Site