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Jabra Stealth Review

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PROS / The dedicated voice control button provides full integration with Siri and Google Now.

CONS / The Noise Blackout technology only scored 75 percent in our noise reduction tests.

 VERDICT / The Jabra Stealth has excellent voice control features and good voice quality, but the noise reduction is subpar.

With a bright red earbud and a large, silver boom microphone, there is nothing stealthy about the Jabra Stealth. It stands out, even with the red earbud stuffed into your ear. The call quality is average, and the dual-mic Noise Blackout system didn't perform very well in our tests. However, while it doesn't have the most stable fit available, it has more comfort features than most Bluetooth headsets.

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The Jabra Stealth scored 90 percent in our voice quality tests, which measured how well you can hear your caller's voice. We performed the test by comparing what we heard to what the caller said. This score is good, but it's only average. The best Bluetooth headsets scored 95 and 100 percent on the test. For comparison, holding the phone to our ear scored 65 percent on the test, so it's still a significant improvement.

  1. The score of the voice quality test.
    % (Higher is Better)
  2. 6 Jabra Stealth
  3. 100%
  4. 95%
  5. 100%
  6. Category Average

The downside to the call quality is the low 75 percent score on the noise reduction tests. Jabra boasts of its Noise Blackout technology, which it has installed on most of its Bluetooth earpieces. In these tests, we played common background noises through a surround-sound system while we talked to our caller, who recorded the results. Jabra's Noise Blackout system proved inconsistent among its headsets we tested, with the Stealth being in the middle.

For comfort, the Stealth offers six earbud options, which is the most of any hands-free Bluetooth headset we reviewed. This gives you the best shot at finding a size that fits your ear. The earbuds feature a concha fin that provides the primary support by fitting firmly into the concha of your outer ear. If the concha fin isn't enough, you can also use an optional over-ear hook. In our stability tests, it scored 75 percent, which is average.

The Stealth has comprehensive hands-free features that start with the integration of personal assistant programs like Siri and Google Now. This allows you to dictate text messages, hear incoming texts, get directions and make calls without touching your phone, which makes you safer behind the wheel and more efficient at work. The headset has a continuous talk time of six hours, can last on standby for 10 days and takes two hours to charge, all of which are about average times.


The Jabra Stealth features good voice quality but subpar noise reduction. So while you can hear your caller clearly, your caller may not be able to hear you clearly. The stability of the fit is average, but it comes with comprehensive comfort features that include six earbuds, concha fins and an optional over-ear hook. The voice command integration with personal assistant programs makes it a handy Bluetooth headset.

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