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Apple iPad Air 2 Review

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PROS / The Apple iPad Air 2's solid aluminum body is durable and excellently built.

CONS / While the Air 2's processor is still fast enough for most home users, it no longer provides best-in-class performance.

 VERDICT / With its premium components and great build quality, the iPad Air 2 is capable of handling work and play without a misstep.

At first glance, the Apple iPad Air 2 is closer to a refresh than a dramatic upgrade of its predecessor. The tablet computer has the same slim design and aluminum backing used on the first iPad Air. Despite the lack of major upgrades, the Air 2 holds a spot as one of the best tablets on the market.

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The iPad Air 2 is built on Apple's A8X chip, which replaces the A7 chip used in the company's previous generation of iOS devices. While it's no longer Apple's top processor, the Air 2 still outperformed numerous competing tablets in performance testing from our colleagues at Laptop Mag. In Geekbench 3, a benchmark test designed to measure a computer's processing performance, the iPad Air 2 produced a score of 4,547. Similarly, the iPad Air's score of 21,660 in graphics benchmark 3DMark handily placed it in the upper tier of our evaluated tablets.

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While these scores are slightly outclassed by more current tablets, the Air 2 showed it still has excellent specifications during our hands-on testing. The tablet smoothly switched between tasks like web browsing and games. In "Epic Zen Garden," a high-end iOS gaming tech demo, we could navigate through the in-game world without any technical hiccups or performance slowdown.

The Air 2 is also a strong performer in Laptop Mag’s battery test, although the tablet isn’t without its limitations. During Laptop's testing, in which a tablet loops through webpages at a constant brightness, the Air 2 lasted for nine hours and 20 minutes before powering down. While this mark is in line with Apple's advertised Wi-Fi browsing battery life of up to 10 hours, the iPad Air's battery is a step behind other multimedia tablets that tout battery lifespans of more than 10 hours.

Apple relies on the same 2048 x 1536 Retina display that past iPads were built around, but the Air 2's display remains an exceptional performer for a variety of tasks. In our testing, onscreen text cleanly displayed, and high-resolution photos had vibrant color reproduction. The Air 2's display was also a reliable performer in Laptop's benchmarking testing. The Air 2's display had a brightness rating of 368 nits, which was comparable to other premium tablets. Nits are a measurement used to evaluate the screen’s brightness level.

Even with the tablet computer's 9.7-inch screen, it sports a weight of only 0.96 pounds. While it's not the lightest in comparison to other 9-inch tablets, the Air 2 has a thickness of only 0.24 inches. In hands-on testing, we found the Air 2 to be sturdily constructed and easy to handle thanks to its rounded edges.


Apple's iPads have generally been shining examples of high-end tablet performance, and on the strength of its numbers, the Air 2 is still a worthy member of the iPad family. While the Air 2 shows its age compared to the best tablets, it has much to offer home users thanks to its solid battery life, compact dimensions and strong performance ceiling.

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