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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Review

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PROS / At over 15 hours, the battery life for this tablet is outstanding.

CONS / The display's relatively low resolution leaves much to be desired.

 VERDICT / The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is a solid tablet that aesthetically stands out among all of the black rectangles on the market. However, its display isn't the best, and it runs a slightly outdated version of Android.

Lenovo's Yoga Tab 3 10 certainly stands out when lined up next to its competition. From an aesthetic perspective, it has an unusual design. From a hardware perspective, it isn't particularly impressive. Combine those two aspects, and you get a noteworthy tablet that works well in the right situations. This isn't the best tablet on the market, but it's more affordable than many others.

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The Yoga Tab 3's primary strength is its battery life. With over 15 hours of battery life, it is the longest-lasting tablet in our review. If you travel frequently or don't like charging your tablet every day, then you should consider the Yoga Tab 3. Few things are as frustrating as electronic devices with no battery left and a long way to go before the next outlet.

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Though the battery life is excellent, the Yoga Tab 3 suffers somewhat in the weight category. At 1.44 pounds, this is one of the heaviest tablets on the market. That's likely thanks to the extra juice used to keep it running for so long. For reference, the Apple iPad Pro weighs 1.6 pounds – pretty close to the Yoga Tab 3.

Another issue with the Yoga Tab 3 is its display. At only 1280 x 800, it has one of the lowest resolutions of all tablets we reviewed. This results in images that aren't as clear or as crisp as you might like. Still, it is an IPS screen, which means it has great color reproduction and very good viewing angles. You can choose between two screen sizes: 8 inches or 10 inches.

In addition, its performance ceiling is notably modest for a non-entry level tablet. During our testing with performance test Geekbench 3 and graphics test 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, the tablet had respective scores of 1,123 and 4,602 points. In practice, the Yoga Tab 3 will be able to handle basic gaming and web browsing well, but its abilities are modest compared to top tablets.


While the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 might not be the best tablet we reviewed, it is among the most affordable. The low-resolution display and heavy weight are frustrating, but the outstanding battery life can make up for that in the right situations. In addition, the Yoga Tab 3's design makes it stand out – it isn't just another oversized black rectangle.

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