Pros / The Microsoft Surface Pro 2's Intel Core i5 processor was the top-performing processor among the tablets we reviewed.

Cons / The cameras, both front and rear, produced muddy photos.

 Verdict / The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 will give you enough processing power to use it as a laptop replacement.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it is no longer available. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 offers the best processor among the tablets we compared. In benchmarking tests from our colleagues at Laptop Mag, the Surface Pro 2's 4th generation Intel i5 processor beat competing tablets by a healthy margin. The tablet's scores were among the highest given to any of the tablet computers that we reviewed. The 1.9GHz processor gives you enough power, matched with the 4GB of RAM, to use the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as a potential replacement for your laptop. The tablet comes with the full Microsoft office suite of products preloaded, and it runs them and the Windows 8.1 Pro operating system very effectively.

Portability is a major concern with tablets, and the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 includes some features among the best tablets. The full–length, built-in kickstand, which gives you both a 24- and 40-degree viewing angle, perfect whether you are using the tablet on a tabletop or on your lap. This kickstand works well with the optional wrap around keyboard, which helps you use this tablet as a laptop-replacing device. The battery life on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is less than the basic Surface Pro, offering only eight hours of useable time when tested by Laptop Mag. This time went down when we used the 4G network capability.

The 10.6-inch display on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 also helps it be a possible laptop alternative. The screen resolution scores an above-average rating from Laptop Mag, a big improvement over the previous versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro.

The camera on the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 doesn't score well compared to other tablets that we reviewed. Both the front and rear cameras score produced lackluster photos and videos, according to Laptop Mag. Pictures are noticeably fuzzy, and colors in the pictures that would pop on other tablets are dulled and muddy. The video capture is better than the stills, but there is still lingering fuzziness and muted colors in the playback.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 comes with a one-year, manufacturer defect warranty, which is standard among all of the tablets that we reviewed. Microsoft offers a variety of help and support options should you have trouble with your tablet. You can contact the Microsoft phone support or live chat to get quick answers to problems. They also offer support forums that answer common questions, social media support or even in-store support. There is no email support offered specifically for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a great workhorse of a tablet. The poor camera takes away from the tablet's usefulness. Yet, the top tablet processor gives you the power to use this tablet as a laptop replacement when you are working.

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