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Freedom Debt Relief Review

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PROS / You receive a debt reduction of 50 percent on average with fees as low as 18 percent.

CONS / This service charges fees based on the total enrolled debt rather than the settled amount.

 VERDICT / Freedom Debt relief has a long and solid history of helping consumers settle their debts, making it one of the best debt settlement companies.

Starting business in 2002, Freedom Debt Relief has been in the debt relief industry a long time and has helped consumers reduce over $3 billion in debt. Its service fees are average to low compared to other debt settlement services, and it does not charge upfront or monthly service fees. With its impressive history, solid debt reduction and low fees, Freedom Debt Relief is one of the best debt settlement services we reviewed.

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When it comes to settling your debt, paying less in fees and having a good portion of your debt reduced are two of the most important aspects of the program you choose. With Freedom Debt Relief, the fee you pay is between 18 and 25 percent, which is one of the lowest on our lineup. Ultimately, the actual fee you pay depends on your particular situation. The debt settlement service assesses these fees on the total amount of your enrolled debt, so if you have $10,000 in debt, the average fees would be around $2,000.

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When this debt relief program successfully negotiates debt reduction with one of your creditors, on average the reduction is around 50 percent before fees, which means you will benefit from a 25 to 35 percent reduction on your total debt. For example, if you have $10,000 in debt and your arbitrator negotiates a settlement of 50 percent, you owe your creditor $5,000 and $2,000 to Freedom Debt Relief for a total of $7,000. For you, this essentially means you receive a 30 percent reduction of your total debt. It is important to remember that your creditors do not have to negotiate or reduce your debt, but you do not pay any fees until after a settlement has been reached on one or more of your debts. To qualify, you must have at least $7,500 in debts, such as credit cards, unsecured loans and lines of credit, medical bills and collections, or repossessions.

The average time frame for a debt relief program with Freedom Debt Relief is between 24 and 48 months. This depends on how much debt you have and how much you can set aside each month into the FDIC-insured trust account. As your personal arbitrator settles debts with your creditors, the funds you set aside go to pay off the settled amount and to pay fees to Freedom Debt Relief.

When you go to the website, you can fill out a quick form to receive a free quote and to see if you qualify for debt settlement with this company. In addition, the website provides some very straightforward information about the risks of debt settlement, including that it has a negative impact on your credit and that your creditors may continue to contact you. It also clearly explains the terms and costs of the program. This is all information that the company must legally disclose, so it is reassuring to have it so readily accessible on the website.

This debt relief company is both IAPDA and AFCC accredited. The IAPDA – International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators – offers training and certification to professionals in the debt settlement industry so they are better prepared to negotiate your debt. The association also advocates high standards and ethics. The AFCC – American Fair Credit Council – is not a government entity, but one of its goals is to ensure its members comply with all regulations laid out by the Federal Trade Commission. Seeking out these accreditations means that Freedom Debt Relief values a good reputation and is held accountable for following laws and industry ethics.

As mentioned above, the website provides many answers to questions about debt settlement, but it also provides other answers and support. You can find the FAQs page and the privacy policy as well as self-help resources, such as a debt relief guide that outlines payment schedules for different options so that you can find the one that best fits your situation. This company also offers basic customer support by phone and email. When we contacted Freedom Debt Relief over the phone, we found support was helpful and representatives were knowledgeable. However, when we submitted email requests, the company was slow to respond to our inquiries.


Freedom Debt Relief is one of the top and best-recognized names in debt settlement. It has been negotiating for consumers for twelve years and has settled over $3 billion in debt. The average reduction and savings it passes on to you after fees is right on par with the average debt settlement company at 30%, and its fees are low to average. There even is the potential for more impressive numbers depending on your situation and your creditors. Considering how long the company has been in business, its stellar reputation and its dedication to its customers, it's clear why Freedom Debt Relief is one of the best debt settlement companies.

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