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Pros / With debt reduction up to 37 percent after fees, this service offers one of the highest potential debt reduction amounts with the lowest fees.

Cons / This service is not AFCC or USOBA accredited.

 Verdict / This service has the lowest fees for reduced debt and some of the highest average reductions of any service on our lineup, making it a good choice for debt settlement.

Editor's Note: This company has updated the number of states its service is available in. It is now available in 42 states.

New Era Debt Solutions began helping consumers with debt relief in 1999, and it has kept a shining record since, including zero complaints filed in the last three years with a well-known, business-rating services. On its website, New Era has an entire truth and transparency page, laying out its company policies and the consequences of debt settlement. Beyond its impressive history and upfront practices, the numbers it offers for both debt reduction and the fees it charges are the best. Because of the way in which the company operates and the results it produces, New Era Debt Solutions wins our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for debt settlement services.

New Era offers debt relief programs in the form of debt settlement services. While this company does not provide debt management or debt consolidation services, it provides resources on its website to help you manage your finances on your own and will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

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Cost & Fees

While every situation is different and results vary, this service has some of the best success rates and lowest fees of any debt settlement service. Its settlement fee is between 14 and 20 percent, which is about 5 percent lower than the average of services we reviewed. Its debt negotiations reduce your debt by as much as 37 percent of your debt after fees. For example, if you have $10,000 in debt, you could be responsible for as little as $5,900 after fees. This service does not have a monthly fee, so you pay nothing until the service has successfully settled at least part of your debt.

Because of the time it takes for debt negotiation, debt settlement programs can take months to years to complete, and this service is no exception. This service offers programs for settlement in 36 to 48 months. However, the exact term of your program depends on how much debt you have and how much money you can set aside each month. While your personal arbitrator negotiates with your creditors, you set aside a certain percentage of your debt each month in an FDIC-insured trust account. When a debt is settled, you pay it off in one lump sum from those savings. At that point, you also start paying fees to New Era.

In our research, New Era was the most transparent and up-front company about the debt settlement process. The website is straightforward about some of the harsh truths of debt settlement. In fact, the New Era website has complete section titled Truth & Transparency, which is dedicated to explaining how the debt settlement process works, the costs and time associated with the program, and the things you can expect from the process. This section also explains how debt negotiation can have a negative effect on your credit and how creditors may continue to contact you. It also is open and honest about its success rate and the percentage of people who drop out of the program; it even lists the reasons why they leave. This is information it does not have to volunteer, and most companies do not, which says a lot about New Era Debt Solutions.

Eligibility & Application

New Era is the only service on our lineup to require no minimum amount of debt for enrolling in its programs. While many companies require you to have around $7,500 or even $10,000 before accepting you into a program, New Era will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine your needs. You can enroll your business debts and personal debts, including unsecured debts like credit cards, medical bills, loans and lines of credit.

This debt settlement company provides services in 18 states, which is the lowest number of participating states on our lineup. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this top debt settlement company; make sure to check if your state is eligible for participation when you receive your consultation.

Customer Experience

In addition to a website that lays out the facts, it also provides a good amount of self-help options, including a debt relief calculator and advice for succeeding with your debt settlement program. If you cannot find your answers on the website, you can reach out to customer support through email or over the phone. In our experiences, customer service representatives were knowledgeable and thorough. They provided consistently accurate information, which did not contradict information presented on the company's website.

Company Accreditations

This service is accredited with the IAPDA, which trains and certifies arbitrators in professional debt negotiation. It also sets a standard for ethical practices within the debt settlement industry. New Era is not accredited with the USOBA or the AFCC, which promises compliance with the Federal Trade Commission regulations, but that does not mean this company does not comply by its own accord.


New Era Debt Solutions has numbers that outshine its competition. On average, it settles 10 percent more of your debt than other services on our lineup, and it charges five percent less in settlement fees. Its website is honest and upfront about its practices, history and debt settlement, further demonstrating its dedication to and respect for its customers. Although it is not accredited with the AFCC or the USOBA, it still proves that it holds itself to high standards and proves itself as one of the best debt settlement companies.

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