Pros / All plans cover automobiles, RVs and motorcycles.

Cons / There is an enrollment fee when you sign up for this motor club.

 Verdict / NMC's numerous extra perks, such as attorney fee reimbursement and home locksmith services, make it an uncommonly strong roadside assistance company.

The National Motor Club, also known as NMC, is an emergency roadside assistance company for all of your basic services as well as some rarer ones. This company provides towing, delivery of fuel and other fluids, battery jump-starts, and tire changes. These services are available for a variety of vehicles, including RVs and motorcycles. In addition, the customer support we received from NMC is some of the best we experienced from a roadside assistance company.

You have four emergency roadside assistance plans to choose from with NMC. Each plan provides the standard roadside services, including towing and fuel delivery, and the higher the plan you choose, the more perks you receive. Premium plans include benefits such as attorney fee reimbursements, rental discounts and travel assistance.

The plans are based on a monthly fee instead of a yearly fee. Additionally, when you sign up with this service, there is a $20 enrollment fee. To add family members to your plan, such as your spouse, there is an additional $5 enrollment fee, plus the regular membership charge for that individual. You cannot add two individuals onto a plan for the cost of one membership as you can from other plans we evaluated, which is particularly disappointing when you have two main drivers in your household.

The basic roadside assistance plan covers up to $100 per disablement, which is the same amount the highest plan covers. The standard service includes towing your vehicle and jump-starting its dead battery. The company can also help you change a flat tire, open your car door when you're locked out, and deliver fuel and fluids if you run out. It provides extrication services when your vehicle gets stuck, but the vehicle must be within 100 feet of a roadway.

This roadside assistance company covers automobiles, RVs, light trucks and motorcycles on all its plans. For a trailer of any kind, the company only assists you with a tire change. ATVs and other off-road vehicles, including commercial vehicles, are not eligible for coverage from this company. Another limitation is that the plans from NMC are unavailable to residents of California, Washington, Alabama and Alaska, although you can still get service if you break down in those states.

When you choose a higher-priced plan from NMC, you get extensive benefits. The highest plan, Security Shield, not only provides your basic roadside assistance services, it also reimburses you for any legal fees if you require an attorney to defend a traffic violation. It provides numerous discounts for rental cars and hotels, and even lockout services for home use. If you lock yourself out of your home, NMC reimburses you $100 for a locksmith. This is one of the few services we evaluated that provides home lockout assistance.

This motor club offers many attractive extras, including a travel-interruption reimbursement of up to $500 with each plan. This can cover your meals, lodging and transportation if your vehicle needs service when you're over 100 miles from home.

We were impressed with the customer support we received from this company. Our interactions with the representatives were outstanding. They were professional and answered all of our questions, and we did not have to fight long phone trees and waste a lot of time on hold just to ask a few questions.

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National Motor Club is a roadside assistance service that gives you a variety of choices, including several membership plans and dozens of extra benefits. The company is a standout choice for auto, motorcycle and RV owners, though it has limits on trailer coverage and where it provides membership. Overall, this is an excellent roadside assistance company with a lot of appealing extras.

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