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Protect My Car has just three warranty plans, and with average mileages and age restrictions, the coverage options are pretty limited.

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Protect My Car has just three extended warranty plans, and with average mileages and age restrictions, the coverage options are pretty limited and getting a quote was hard.


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    You can spread out the cost of the plan over 60 months.


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    It's not easy to get a quote.

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Protect My Car sells three extended car warranties for used vehicles and cars with an expired manufacturer warranty. The available coverages and reimbursement policies are average, and the vehicle restrictions are limited to cars under 125,000 miles. While PMC is a big name in the car warranty industry, the quote process and customer service did not instill trust in me as I evaluated the service.

After submitting quotes for multiple vehicles, I didn't receive a phone call or an email concerning the quotes for several days. Once I was called, I was unable to convince the service to email the quote and was forced into a sales call to find out how much my car's coverage plan would be. I was not impressed by the call, as the salesperson spoke over me repeatedly. By comparison, Endurance provides quotes in a non-aggressive email within minutes of submitting the quote, making for a much easier comparison and shopping experience. In a different situation, as I tried contacting the support via the chat feature, nobody responded despite the live chat tool saying, "We reply immediately." I emailed the support and never received a response as well. This lack of attention is a concern.

PMC sells three vehicle service contracts – Driveline, Select and Supreme. These plans have either a 36- or 60-month pay period. Most services have a 24-month pay period. With a longer pay period, the monthly cost with PMC is significantly more affordable even if the coverage and plans are more expensive.

To qualify for these extended warranties, your vehicle must be under 10 years old and have less than 125,000 miles. These restrictions are about average. However, if your vehicle doesn't qualify, you can likely purchase the Ambassador plan. This plan, unique among the extended warranty brokers I reviewed, has no mileage restrictions and covers most vehicles regardless of age. However, instead of covering nearly 100 percent of the repair costs (minus the $100 deductible) like most extended warranty plans, the Ambassador plans pay between 25 and 50 percent of the repairs.

In the event your car needs to be repaired, you're responsible for the $100 deductible. This deductible is standard with most extended car warranty companies. Additionally, if your car needs to be in the shop for a few days, Protect My Car reimburses you for up to seven days at $30 per day. While the rental period is longer than most services, the daily reimbursement maximum is not. When you consider rental costs of compact budget vehicles, you are probably going to pay much of these costs out of your own pocket.

Protect My Car offers some attractive coverage options outside of the standard coverage you'd expect from a car warranty company, especially if you have a high-mileage vehicle. Its mileage and age restrictions are average. This service provides the longest pay period, but getting a quote is more difficult than other services and the customer support was generally lacking.

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