Pros / Allstate offers a claims satisfaction guarantee.

Cons / The undiscounted rates are, on average, higher.

 Verdict / Allstate's rates are higher than most car insurance providers, but it offers more discount possibilities, 3,500 certified repair sites across the U.S. and a claims satisfaction guarantee. It's definitely worth considering.

Allstate is a well-known automobile insurance agency. It offers a wide variety of insurance options and discounts and a large system of certified repair facilities and local agents. While its premiums before discounts are higher, it's still worth considering, particularly since it has a claims satisfaction guarantee.

We found the straight premiums to be higher than its competitors in our test cases. However, premiums vary by your location and driving record. Further, you have 24 discount possibilities, more than any other company offers. Many discounts are ones you see in most auto insurance policies, such as discounts for switching, for having anti-theft devices or for safe driving. However, this insurance company can also offer discounts if your vehicle is mostly used for farm work, if you bought it new, if you have a good credit record or if you are fully retired.

This insurance also has the driving monitoring program, Drivewise, where you install a plug-in device in your car that tracks your driving habits. Rather than tracking your bad habits like most of these programs do, Drivewise awards points on a weekly basis for good habits like low-mileage days, staying within the speed limit, avoiding night driving and smooth stops as opposed to hard braking. You use the points toward purchasing merchandise, gift cards or local services.

Most car insurance agencies that offer this kind of program monitor you for a few months then apply the data toward a discount on your insurance for the next contract period. The Drivewise program stays as long as you have Allstate and you can continue to earn rewards for safe driving. Drivewise is available in 46 states.

If you are in an accident, you can choose your own repair facilities or ask the adjuster to recommend an Allstate-approved shop. Allstate has 3,500 approved repair facilities across the nation. These service centers can also handle the filing paperwork.

One unique program is Allstate's claim satisfaction guarantee. If you are in an accident and Allstate is not able to resolve your claim to your satisfaction, you may receive a six-month credit on your automobile insurance premium. This guarantee is available in 42 states, though some states have specific limitations. We found Allstate's customer satisfaction ranked average compared to the other top insurance agencies in our lineup.

Allstate offers several mobile apps to help you manage your account, file a claim in case of accident, plan a trip and request roadside assistance. It also has an app for its Drivewise program, so you don't need the plug-in device to participate, an advantage if you have an older car.

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Allstate provides solid auto insurance with a mobile app, local agents and certified repair facilities to help you in case of an accident. While its premiums are higher overall, it offers a multitude of discounts and a claims satisfaction guarantee. As you select insurance agencies to compare, Allstate is worth putting on your list.

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