Geico Auto Insurance review

One of the most popular automotive insurers out there – but how does it perform?

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Geico is one of the biggest name insurers, and not only offers great security, but also uses a market-topping app and offers cover at prices that undercut the national average.


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    Low rate options

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    Great for multiple vehicles


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    Limited app

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Geico Auto Insurance: What you need to know

Geico Auto Insurance is one of the most popular and best auto insurance providers for vehicles in the US. According to ratings agency A.M. Best, the financial strength of Geico is an impressive "A++ Superior" making it one of the best out there for paying its claims. A distinct lack of complaints also helps give this insurer more positive appeal.

Despite being a heavy hitter, Geico still offers deals for new sign-ups meaning you can get some of the most premium coverage for your vehicle without spending too much. By premium we not only mean broad cover but also with features like a virtual assistant in the purpose built Geico app for your smartphone.

As a direct provider, Geico is able to offer lower rates than many of its competitors. Getting that quote is also a good experience thanks to a free and simple online quote system.

Some great features that stand out are mechanical breakdown cover, emergency roadside assistance, express auto repairs and ridesharing insurance.

In some states Geico will penalise you for having a low credit score, which can mean paying over the odds for your cover compared to some other providers. 

Geico isn't onboard with the progressive green support network either, losing it some points, since it offers no incentives to own a hybrid or electric car.

Policies: How much does Geico Auto Insurance cost?

  • Minimum coverage: $819
  • Comprehensive cover: £2158
Geico Auto Insurance specs

Car replacement service: Car up to 15 months old and less than 15,000 miles

Emergency roadside assistance: For as little as $14 per year

Express repair: Help given at the shop including sorting your rental car

Policy options are broad with something for everyone no matter the car, age of the driver or location in the US. Of course, the car type will affect the quote, as will your history. We tested quotes with the industry recommended level of cover, 100/300/100.

We got quotes for a car that's typically more expensive to insure and for one that's less pricey, so above and below the $25,000 mark – but other factors beyond value to play a part so take that as a rough guide. Compared to that average the Geico quotes were coming it at a few hundred dollars less.

For multi-car cover Geico excels with one of the lowest prices around.

Adding a teenager to a car can increase costs by up to five times, but with Geico it makes very little difference to the policy.

For an absolute minimal policy the price was only about $20 less than a more comprehensive cover option.

Geico Auto Insurance: Breakdown cover

  • All parts on a car up to 15 months old (with less than 15,000 miles)
  • Covered for all damage aside from problems caused by wear and tear

For insurance that sets your mind at ease when out on the roads, Geico is one of the best. This is thanks to its mechanical breakdown coverage and its emergency roadside assistance offering. 

The mechanical breakdown cover is good for all mechanical parts of a new car that is up to 15 months in age and has done less than 15,000 miles in total. If you qualify then you're covered for all damage aside from problems caused by wear and tear. 

The catch? There is a $250 deductible for the service. The service is renewable for up to seven years or 100,000 miles if that comes first. To be clear, this won't cover you for regular maintenance in the case of jobs like tune ups.


(Image credit: Geico)

Geico Auto Insurance: Roadside assistance

  • $14 per year for roadside assistance
  • Not breakdown cover

When it comes to cover out on the road, Geico has you covered there too for the ultimate peace of mind, especially when exploring a new area.

The Geico roadside assistance means someone will come out to you where you are to help with your problem. This isn't for breakdown cover but other issues like locking your keys inside your car, a dead battery or if you need gas or a tow for another reason.

The roadside assistance is usually a premium charged at $14 per year. Not too bad then for such a reassuring feature. 

Car damage

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Geico Auto Insurance: Repair Xpress

  • Guided through the repair
  • Adjuster will pay for your rental car to take away with you

The Geico Auto Repair Xpress service is something that is there to help make life easier during the process of making a claim. 

When you get to the repairs shop you'll be met by a Geico claims adjuster who is there to explain what will happen. This means you'll be guided through the repair process where you can ask any questions that come up.

Then the adjuster will pay for your rental car to take away with you and will also arrange collection so you can leave the rental at the shop when you're back to collect your fixed car. This last feature is something that isn't in all policies so be sure to check your cover before you go in expecting a rental car waiting for you.

Geico Auto Insurance: Ridesharing insurance

  • Extends its cover to those drivers that run a taxi for app-based services
  • Available in 39 states and applies to the ridesharing vehicle only

Geico Auto Insurance extends its cover to those drivers that run a taxi for app-based services like Uber of Lyft as well as delivery services like Instacart or GrubHub.

This option allows the driver to have one policy that offers cover for both personal and ridesharing use. While some companies like Uber and Lyft will cover the driver, that only applies when on a job and not in between those times, leaving drivers at risk.

This hybrid insurance policy from Geico is available in 39 states and applies to the ridesharing vehicle only.

Geico Auto Insurance: Mobile app

  • Lets you check your policy easily
  • Can be used to file a claim or even to access roadside assistance

The Geico mobile app, available on iOS and Android, was rated number one in Forrester's 2017 US Mobile Auto Insurance Benchmark and it's still one of the best, if not the best.

The Geico Mobile app lets you check your policy easily but also works when you need to file a claim or even to access roadside assistance. You also get a virtual assistant, Kate, to help you enquire about policy coverage, view billing information and find answers to questions quickly.

It's a shame you can't edit your policy via the app so you will have to settle for a little less functionality than the Geico website in that case.

Geico Auto Insurance: What the users say

  • 3 star rating overall from J.D. Power
  • 4 star rating from ConsumerAffairs

(Image credit: JD Power)

Geico Auto Insurance is made to cover a wide variety of users so it's worth looking at what lots of people have to say about the cover.

According to the 2018 J.D. Power study, the overall customer satisfaction score for Geico Auto Insurance was a decent three out of five. That's brought up by a five out of five for the rental experience but levelled out by threes for things like estimation process, repair process and claims servicing.

ConsumerAffairs found that Geico got an overall four star rating based on average consumer reviews. Positives include annual savings, the online quoting system, mobile app, rates and claims processing. The negatives are low credit scores affecting premiums and lack of discounts for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Geico Auto Insurance: Verdict

Geico Auto Insurance is one of the larger insurers out there but that reliable financial solidity doesn't mean you have to pay more to be part of it. With competitive rates, excellent claims processing and a fantastic app offering this is one of the better insurers out there for your vehicle. This is especially so for multiple policy insurance where savings can be made.

Low rates are a big draw here but since a poor credit score can affect those rates it's worth noting that Geico might not suit everyone. If you're hoping for a saving for being good and going electric then you'll need to look elsewhere.

Discounts are available for signing up with auto pay and for those with a clean driving record.

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