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Pros / The website offers a how-to video on filing claims.

Cons / Allianz does not reimburse for lost or stolen prescriptions.

 Verdict / Allianz offers travel insurance for domestic or international trips. While its premiums were slightly higher than average for the trips we evaluated, this company had the simplest and best-explained claims process.

Allianz makes it simple to sign up for travel insurance and file claims if you have an incident. Its plans are competitive with those of the top trip insurance companies we reviewed, although they lack a couple of features offered by the higher-tier services. The prices are somewhat higher as well.

We priced three different trips: seniors going on a Mississippi cruise, a middle-aged couple touring France and a young couple on an Antarctic adventure. The quote process was easy, and while it claimed that prices might vary by state, we didn't find that to be the case. In fact, age was the biggest factor in price, even more than travel location. Overall, Allianz's premiums were somewhat higher than average for the trips we evaluated.

The coverage is well within the norm as far as the maximum amount covered. The delay compensation is higher than average, something to consider if you suspect you might have flight delays, such as during hurricane season or a harsh winter. It offers $250 reimbursement of change fees if for some reason you need to get different tickets, and up to $250 reimbursement for reinstatement fees if you used your frequent flyer or reward points to purchase your tickets and have to cancel.

The medical coverage and emergency medical evacuation coverage is within the norm, though a little lower than average. Of note is that it does not place a limit on dental coverage. Most have a cap at $750. Dental covers damage to your natural teeth caused by an accident, not replacement of artificial work such as lost bridges. Allianz does not reimburse you for lost medications either. The pre-existing conditions waiver is one of the lowest of the plans we reviewed – 14 days – which is a concern if you are buying your insurance early.

You can get coverage for rental cars, and Allianz offers concierge services, including contacting family and friends to inform them if you are sick or injured or to arrange for them to send you emergency cash if your money is lost or stolen.

The company offers several tools to help you file your claim successfully, including a how-to video, checklists with the type of documentation you'll need and even sample documents so you can get an idea of what the documentation may look like and contain. This is important because your claim can be denied if a form lacks specific information, such as if your tickets don't show the departure or return dates.


Allianz travel insurance agency offers travel insurance with a few extras not found with other trip insurance plans, plus there's no limit on dental coverage. Its prices are higher than average, at least for the plans we reviewed. In addition, Allianz provides a straightforward explanation of the claims process.

Allianz Global Assistance Visit Site