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Salesforce Radian6 Review

PROS / The software is the most user-friendly of all we reviewed, with an easy interface and a huge library of how-to videos.

CONS / The plans limit mentions and streams of information, so you need to watch your budget as you conduct searches.

 VERDICT / Salesforce's Radian6 social media monitoring software takes the buzz from the internet and filters it to data you can analyze and react to. With one of the best and most easily accessed training sections, it's a great option if you are new to using social media monitoring and engagement software.

Editor's note: Salesforce Radian6 is now part of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. We will evaluate, rank and review Salesforce Marketing Cloud when we next update the Social Media Monitoring reviews. Meanwhile, enjoy our review below about Salesforce Radian6.

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It's difficult enough navigating the millions of pieces of data flooding the internet at any time without having to deal with the learning curve of a social media monitoring software. Salesforce Radian6 excels in making the analysis and reporting of items of interest simple. Its user-friendly interface is augmented with a large library of how-to videos. If you are new to social media monitoring and analysis, it's worth considering for this alone, but it has other strong features as well.

Like all social media monitoring, Radian6 scans the internet, from blogs and news to Facebook posts, picking out the information you tell it you need. Your keywords determine what it culls from the millions of posts, and the software is specific, so if you know of a common misspelling, you can include it. This software does limit how many mentions you can get with each plan. It filters out spam messages and duplicates, however, so they don't count toward your limit.

This software can determine profession and education level as well as the common demographics of age and gender. Salesforce keeps an archive of posts, so you can do comparisons and trend analysis, and it integrates with Google Analytics, which is a good tool for traffic analysis. The sentiment accuracy is about par for most social media monitoring sites – 70 percent – but it does not have the ability to translate posts.

Radian6 excels in user friendliness. This software is very easy to use and comes with a huge library of online videos to take you step-by-step through the features. The reports are standard and generate automatically, and you can choose which to include or exclude. They all save to PDF. Salesforce also has application interface programming to integrate the data with other software, including customer relationship management software. The social engagement side is equally easy to use. We appreciated the little details like the highlighting of keywords in a post or the color change to indicate when a sentiment score has been manually altered.

While it lacks specialized training, live chat and forums, Radian6 has good help features. In addition to the videos, you receive FAQs and tech support contacts in the software itself. In addition, you get a dedicated account manager to help you with the software.


Radian6 is one of Salesforce's many social media management tools. It concentrates on social media monitoring but adds engagement features. Its ease of use and excellent tutorials complement its monitoring and analysis prowess to make it worth considering for your medium or large business, particularly if you are new to social media research.