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Discount Ink Cartridges Stores Review

Why Buy Ink Cartridges Online?

For over five years, we’ve researched the best places to get discounts on printer ink cartridges online. We’ve comparison shopped on these sites, taking their inventory, shipping policies, and help and support resources into consideration. Based on our research, we think that 4inkjets is the best place for most people to buy their ink because it currently offers the lowest prices for cartridges delivered within the United States.

If you don’t want to pay a lot for shipping, you might try InkCartridges, which has a wide selection of ink and offers free shipping on all its orders. There’s also Printer Ink Warehouse, which is a solid choice if you need to order in bulk for a business.  

What We Researched, What We Found

The best sites have a few qualities that set them apart from their competitors. For example, they may run promotions or offer additional discounts and coupons as well as lower prices for bulk orders. In addition, they have low shipping prices, large inventories and secure payment options.  

Product Inventory

Sites that are easy to use have search bars where you can input either your printer’s model number or the cartridge number to help you quickly find the product you need. In addition, stores that have large inventories are more likely to have all the ink cartridges you need, so you can one-stop shop instead of placing orders on multiple sites. The site’s inventory should have cartridges from popular manufacturers like Epson, Brother and HP as well as more obscure, enterprise-focused brands.

It’s also nice to be able to purchase other printing supplies when you buy your ink. When the store you choose carries additional products like paper and cables, all your items can ship at one time, and you don’t have to keep track of accounts on other sites.

Services & Features

Giving out your payment information online can be risky, so it’s important for a site to offer a variety of secure payment options. It’s also nice when you can decide how you pay, so we ranked sites higher if they have plenty of choices, including options to pay with all the major credit cards and online systems like PayPal.

If you work for a large organization, it may be easier to set up a standing order for supplies. As such, we looked to see what kinds of enrollment options the sites we evaluated have for repeat or return customers.

While these sites often offer basic discounts on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges, they also have generic or refurbished cartridges you can get for even less. While the quality might not be quite as good, these alternative options can keep costs down and still get the job done. 


With Amazon offering free delivery if you’re a member, other online companies need to offer competitive shipping policies. Many of the discount ink cartridge stores we researched offer free shipping for bulk orders. However, if you need your items shipped outside of North America, you’ll likely have to pay some hefty fees. While InkCartridges doesn’t have the lowest prices, it does offer free shipping on all its orders.

Another useful feature that can help keep you organized is order tracking. While most shipping services offer this option, including the USPS and FedEx, it’s useful to have links to this information directly on the store’s site so you don’t have to search every time you check.

Beyond the cost of shipping, you also should keep an eye on delivery time options. It’s useful to have choices for when your items are delivered, especially if you need them in a hurry. When a store has a variety of standard and expedited shipping options, you can choose the one that fits your budget and schedule.

Help & Support

The best discount ink cartridge sites provide a lot of ways to get a hold of service reps, including telephone, live chat and email, in case you have problems with products or delivery. A few of the sites we reviewed – like our top pick, 4inkjets – have cartridge-specific support on each of their product pages as well as product reviews from other customers. Having this information directly on the product’s page and easily accessible is helpful. We also recommend working with printer sites that offer 100-percent satisfaction guarantees on the products you order from them.