Pros / The service provides up to $2000 of emergency cash if you lose your wallet.

Cons / This identity theft protection service does not set fraud alerts with the credit bureaus.

 Verdict / Identity Guard effectively watches to make sure no one steals your personal information. It also provides you with software that can keep data on your computer secure.

Identity Guard Total Protection is an identity theft protection service that works to keep your name and personal information safe from identity theft. It comes with lost wallet protection and a $1 million insurance policy to cover costs incurred due to fraud and loss. Identity Guard also offers a security suite you can install on your computer and mobile devices.

This ID theft protection service monitors your credit score with all three credit bureaus. It also watches public databases for misuse of your information as well as known black market internet sites where your information could be sold or traded.

If it finds suspicious activity, the company will alert you via text message. However, it will not send fraud alerts to the credit card reporting bureaus. You will have to set these alerts yourself in case of actual identity theft.

While Identity Guard focuses on preventing theft of your identity, it does offer some hefty theft recovery assistance if you should need it. Dedicated recovery assistants are ready to help you through the process. While this fraud prevention service doesn't offer a guarantee on its service, it provides insurance coverage up to $1 million.

In addition, Identity Guard Total Protection offers theft recovery assistance for stolen wallets that goes beyond most companies. Not only does it help you with canceling credit cards and getting replacement IDs, it also provides you up to $2,000 in emergency cash. This is a terrific feature, especially for frequent travelers who have their wallets stolen far from home.

Identity Guard Total Protection monitors all types of personal information. In addition to the standard items, including your full name, phone number, social security number, address and credit card information, this service looks at bank account information and even your medical insurance card. It also monitors your identifying information on loan and lease applications and public records.

While this service monitors criminal records for misuse of your identity, it does not provide sex offender lists. If this is something you’re worried about, LifeLock and ID Watchdog provide this service.

Computers are one of the most common targets for security breaches, so Identity Guard provides a suite of security programs for its members. This service can also remove your name from junk mail lists, decreasing the chance a thief can use an unsolicited credit card offer to apply for a card in your name. Finally, for an additional fee, you can protect the identities of your children. This is an important feature because children are thirty to fifty percent more likely to have their identities stolen.

Identity Guard Total Protection provides customer support by phone. Although they do not offer 24-hour availability, their customer service phone lines are open longer than most: 15 hours each weekday and nine hours on Saturdays. However, this company will not answer even the most basic questions via email; you must call for answers to your questions.

Identity Guard Total Protection gives its customers unlimited access to credit education specialists, online credit education tools and fraud and credit education specialists. The Identity Theft Assistance Center program (ITAC) guides victims through the necessary process to restore their credit profiles. It streamlines the recovery process and helps victims restore their identity through a number of different means.

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Identity Guard Total Protection is an excellent identity theft protection service, with good customer satisfaction and a great company reputation. Its generous lost wallet service makes it especially beneficial for frequent travelers. If you are looking for a full-featured ID theft protection solution with proven performance, Identity Guard Total Protection is a great option.

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