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BitRecover Data Recovery Review

PROS / It garnered strong recovery rates for all file types in our tests.

CONS / It is not very easy to use, and none of the processes are as intuitive as they should be.

 VERDICT / BitRecover Data Recovery proves capable with lost file recovery but not with complex data recovery issues.

BitRecover Data Recovery software gave its best data recovery performance in our testing of lost files on hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). However, it failed to recover a respectable amount of data from reformatted drives. Additionally, its unnecessarily complex interface makes scanning and recovering files especially frustrating for novice users.

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In our testing, the data recovery software had decent success in scanning and recovering lost files on both HDDs and SSDs. It can even work with RAW partitions, although it was faster at doing so for HDDs over SSDs. You can also search for a specific file via size, type and other filters, helping save you time post-recovery. Another of BitRecover's time-saving features is the preview function, which lets you view a file to ensure it is functional before you spend the time recovering it.

  1. The amount of successfully recovered photo files.
    Higher is Better.
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  5. 99%
  6. Category Average

If you only need to recover lost files, the software is strong enough to do so for you. In our lost file tests, it successfully recovered 97 percent of images, 98 percent of documents and 97 percent of video and music files – all of which are higher scores than average. However, that's where the praises for this file recovery software stop. In our reformatted drive tests, it only recouped 75 percent of pictures, 70 percent of documents and just 51 percent of music and video files – the lowest rate in our entire comparison.

BitRecover's interface also failed to deliver on ease of use and intuitiveness. It took more steps to install and initiate a scan than most other applications we reviewed. Additionally, it was a hassle to find and wade through the scanning and recovery processes. Drives weren't as clearly labeled as they ought to be, especially for novice users. Users can really only select a drive if they know all of the file systems and drive sizes within their computer off the top of their head.

BitRecover has technical support representatives available for you to contact directly via phone, email or live chat with questions or issues. However, BitRecover's website contains no user manuals, tutorials, informative articles or a community user forum – a big downside considering those are standard across the data recovery software industry.


While BitRecover Data Recovery is a good choice for recovering any file type you're missing from simple logical data loss, it falls short in every other aspect, which is why it sits at the bottom of our lineup. The data recovery program has subpar recovery rates as well as SSD scan and recovery speeds, and its interface leaves a lot to be desired as far as design and intuitiveness.

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