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Recover My Files Professional 5.2 Review

PROS / It has some of the fastest scan and recovery speeds on our lineup for hard disk drives.

CONS / This software has a complex and overly technical interface.

 VERDICT / Recover My Files is a powerful, feature-rich data recovery program; however, its complex interface and functions aren't ideal for beginners.

GetData's Recover My Files Professional has advanced scanning capabilities that are most useful for those with a better-than-average understanding of data recovery software. The program is validated as a computer forensic tool by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which should give you some idea of its advanced utility.

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The software falls short on our best data recovery software list because it lacks some of the extra features that can aid in the recovery process. There is no pause feature, which makes scanning a large hard drive a time-consuming process. Additionally, the software doesn't have a boot utility, which means you won't be able to use the software to recover your data from a pre-OS environment. Of course, if your computer is connected to a network so you can scan from another system, the boot utility is unnecessary.

  1. The amount of successfully recovered photo files.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 8 Recover My Files
  3. 100%
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  5. 99%
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In testing this file recovery app's automated features, we noted its decently high recovery rates for lost files, though its rates on reformatted drives were consistently below average. It also had more success with hard disk drives over solid-state drives. It recovered 98 percent of lost photos files and 95 percent of images on reformatted drives. With documents, it retrieved 98 percent in our lost file scenarios but just 89 percent in our reformatted drive tests. It did the worst with media files, getting back 97 percent in our lost file tests and a dismal 55 percent on our reformatted drive.

However – if you know what you're doing – its expanded scanning features give you the chance to improve your recovery rate. Recover My Files Professional comes with disk imaging capabilities and a built-in hex editor. Imaging, of course, lets you work with an exact copy of the scanned drive to help improve your chances of a successful recovery. The hex editor lets you manually reassociate and reconstruct file fragments the software's automatic mode may have missed.

This application has the power to get back your files from a variety of sources and circumstances, including from RAW hard drives and after a crash, partitioning error, accidental format or simple deletion. You can also run the file recovery program on the fly, which lets you continue to use and modify your system while the software is working. So you won't be locked out until the process has completed.

The developer has informational resources for the software available on its website. You can contact the customer support team by phone, email and live chat if you have questions. However, there is no user forum available. The program is compatible with all recent Windows versions as well as Windows Server 2003.


GetData's Recover My Files Professional ranks low on our lineup of recovery software because of its patchy recovery success rates, complex recovery solutions and its unfriendly user interface geared toward advanced users.

Recover My Files Professional 5.2 Visit Site