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Pros / In every test, this Mac hard drive recovery app was perfect at rescuing photos.

Cons / It failed to recover more than 50 percent of the documents during the lost file tests.

 Verdict / For recovering photos, then you can't do better than AppleXsoft File Recovery, but the recovery for other file types isn't as successful.

Most of the Mac hard drive recovery apps in our review are much simpler than AppleXsoft File Recovery. This Mac hard drive recovery app has many tools that you won't get with other apps – RAID Reconstructor, Hex Viewer, S.M.A.R.T. and Bad Block Diagnostics. However, since most people who experience data loss will only use recovery software once, our review focuses more on the basic performance while recovering files from common data loss scenarios. As such, our tests showed that it's excellent at recovering photos, videos and music, but it lacks these high success rates with documents.

For our Mac hard drive recovery software review, we simulated a lost file scenario and a reformatted drive scenario. Then we looked at how well each product recovered various file types. In every test we ran on every type of drive, AppleXsoft recovered every single photo. It was one of two Mac hard disk recovery software in our review with a perfect photo recovery score. Most Mac recovery apps recover photos easily, as evidenced by the high averages – 99 percent for the lost file test and 98 for the reformatted drive test. However, when you consider that 1 percent of a 1TB hard drive is 10GB, the difference between what AppleXsoft can recover and other products can could be thousands of photos.

Another exceptional recovery rate from the software was with media files. AppleXsoft recovered 99 percent of the videos and music in the lost file tests and 84 percent in the reformatted drive test. Most products we reviewed really struggled with videos and music files. The average success rate for these file types was 68 percent for the lost file test and 67 percent for the reformatted drive test. AppleXsoft proved in our test to be one of the best Mac hard drive recovery apps when it comes to media files.

The software's biggest flaw was the 50 percent success rate for recovering documents in the lost file scenario. In these tests, the documents were consistently returned as unreadable TXT files. However, the document success rate improved to 97 percent when the software was recovering these files from a reformatted drive.

AppleXsoft received an A- for ease of use during the installation. It received an A for the scan and a C for the recovery. The installation grade was the result of a quick process that was just over five minutes. The scanning stage provides clear icons with definitions for the scanning options, making it easy to figure out which scanning option is best for your situation. The only hiccup in the ease of use is the recovery stage, which lacks a clear recover button. As a result, it took our tester, who was a novice user, more than five minutes to figure out how to initiate the recovery.

  • Lost Photos Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Photos)
  • Lost Documents Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Documents)
  • Lost Video & Music Recovered
  • Reformatted Drive Recovery (Video & Music)
  • Scan Speed (HDD)
  • Recover Speed (HDD)
  • Scan Speed (SSD)
  • Recover Speed (SSD)
  1. This is the average percentage of photo files recovered in our tests.
    % (Higher is Better)
  2. 4  AppleXsoft File Recovery
    100.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 99.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    98.36 %


AppleXsoft File Recovery is an excellent Mac hard drive recovery solution for all file types. It recovered 100 percent of the photos in every test we ran, and it has one of the best recovery rates for video and music files. While it recovered documents from a reformatted drive with a high rate of success, though, it only recovered 50 percent of the documents during the lost file test. In addition, you'll find that the software is very user-friendly until you reach the recovery stage, which has a small learning curve.

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