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Best Electronic Translators Reviews

Vacationing abroad can be a life-changing experience, but it can also be stressful. Throw in a language barrier, and you’ve suddenly got the potential ingredients for a Chevy Chase misadventure.

14 Best Ways to Learn a Second Language

The United States is full of monolinguists. In fact, a recent Gallup poll revealed only about 26 percent of Americans can hold a conversation in a second language. If you look at the numbers, it's cle

Creative Writing with the Help of Your Computer

Don tipped the limo driver, thanking him for the ride with a Benjamin. He approached the casino with a cocky almost triumphant stride knowing he was going to win big that night, really big. He entered

Bustin' Out of Writer's Block

Anyone who has sat down at a computer to write a poem, book, play or screenplay has experienced a time when their brain seizes and creative writing is anything but easy. However, there are ways to ove

Best Writing Software Review

They say to be a writer, you just have to write. But if you've ever tried to "just write," you know it can be easier said than done. Perhaps you've got a great story to tell and you've alrea

Travel Italy: Pointers for First-Time Visitors

You've planned, saved your money and now your dream to travel Italy is almost a reality. But there's more to vacationing in old Italia than purchasing plane tickets. The following are a few pointers t

Best Learn Japanese Software

Japan is known around the world for its unique culture and history as well as its technological advancements, art and language. Learning the beautiful language of Japan can be a challenge, but by usin

Best Learn Spanish Review

Why Learn Spanish Through an Online Site? Online Spanish websites offer many more options than learning the language through the traditional classroom and lab options. And the websites are a much bet

Best Learn to Read Software Review

Reading is an essential skill for your child's success in life. Giving your youngster the opportunity to learn to read early on can provide a head start when it comes time to enter school or begin hom

Best Education Careers Review

Your reason for making education your career path can be as simple as desiring to share what you love with others or to experience the satisfaction of watching a little light bulb go on when a student

Travel Russia—Five Things to Know Before You Go

There are many reasons people travel Russia these days, some go for the Russian experience, others go for adoption purposes and others go simply because they can. No matter your reasons to travel Russ

Where Did the Portuguese Language Come From?

When people are asked where Portuguese is spoken, they usually respond with Portugal or Brazil. They do not think about the countries in Africa such as Angola, Mozambique, Angola and Cabo Verde or Cap

Tudo Bem or Comos Estas, Say What?

Naturally, an Englishman speaks English differently than an American. An American couple in England would get second glances at a restaurant if they asked for napkins; they also might be a bit embarra

Learn Italian through Movies

Odds are good that you have a movie that you know really well. Maybe you like to watch it every now and then, or maybe you’ve seen it so much you can quote every line. If so, you have a great op

Germany - Know Before You Go

If you're on your way to Germany soon, you'll want to do more than just pack your suitcase, you'll want to take along a little extra knowledge, too. Learn the German customs, language and culture befo

Yes, You Can Learn Spanish for Your Vacation

It’s tempting to rely on English when you vacation in another country simply because you are part of a tour group or because you are confident that people will be able to understand tourist-spea

Why Should I Learn Spanish?

It's a numbers game. There are over 400 million Spanish speakers in the world, making Spanish the fourth most commonly spoken language. English, Chinese, and Hindustani are the other three. Consumer e

Why Should I Learn Another Language?

You may live in one of the hundreds of countries around the world that only speak one language. But if you take a closer look, you will see that there are literally dozens of different languages spoke

When Should A Child Learn Another Language?

"A child taught a second language after the age of 10 or so is unlikely ever to speak it like a native," said a February 1996 Newsweek article. Through extensive research it has been proven

Spanish Slang and Idioms

Let's examine two elements of Spanish that are absolutely indispensable if you want to speak like a native: Spanish slang and idioms. These are colorful words and expressions that cannot be translated

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