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UltraEdit is an HTML editor, offered by IDM Computer Solutions Inc., which works with both Mac and Windows operating systems. This HTML editing tool is feature packed and works with HTML, CSS, XML, PH


HCSpot offers several versions of its hotspot software. We focused our review on the Enterprise version of the software because its features are generally comparable to those that the other companies

AT&T WiFi Small Site

AT&T Wi-Fi-Small Site exemplifies the meaning of simple setup. This plug-and-play hotspot management software that made to be easy for small business owners. You only have to plug the unit into yo

Hotspot System

Editor's Note: Hotspot Pro is now available. The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: unlimited locations with multiple routers or different splash pages; a setting f

Purple Hotspot

Purple Hotspot is a Wi-Fi hotspot system that you can install quickly and easily, without having to worry about complicated setup or the need for constant installation help. After installation, you wi


Turnstyle is solid hotspot management software that allows you to create and run a public hotspot in a manner that is both easy and effective. It includes extensive campaign management tools, which me


Cloud4Wi is reliable hotspot software that allows you to manage your public Wi-Fi through your smartphone or your computer. With in-depth analytics and free add-ons, Cloud4Wi is a reasonable solution


Wifi-soft focuses mainly on giving you control over your network. With an in-depth filter, bandwidth controls and user restrictions, this hotspot management software allows you to choose who is connec

Social Spot WiFi

Social Spot Wifi is aptly named because it focuses on social marketing to your customers through your public wireless hotspot. With its social and email marketing features, Social Spot Wifi is great a


Wavespot gives you full and complete control over your hotspot internet service. Through features such as social listening, email campaign management and demographic tracking, Wavespot offers an all-i


The Torch internet browser joins the ranks of the best browser services in style. This Chromium-based software works great for daily browsing, but also has a few unique aspects that work in sync with

Antamedia HotSpot

Antamedia offers several versions of its hotspot software. We focused our review on the Premium version because it has the most comparable features to other companies in our lineup. There are move bas


While some internet browsers are for-profit applications backed by major corporations, the SeaMonkey browser suite is an open-source, community-driven project. This means any developers, marketers or


Expression Web by Microsoft is a feature-rich HTML editor with features seldom included in HTML editors, including full, integrated versions of Expression Encoder and Expression Design. Expression Enc

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver has something for everyone: Coders can code every aspect of a page. Designers can hide the coding, input their design into the program's window and let the program do the rest. Users


CoffeeCup HTML Editor comes complete with tools for users of any knowledge level. However, beginning users who have never coded may initially have to invest more time to familiarize themselves with th

Komodo IDE

Creating or fixing a website is a daunting prospect for the beginner. What may be a five-minute project for a professional developer can seem like a huge undertaking for the inexperienced. An HTML ed

CSE HTML Validator

Developed by AI Internet Solutions, CSE HTML Validator is a popular, powerful HTML editor. Intended for HTML and CSS websites, it's a strong program that is not hard to learn or use. Although CSE HTM


BestAddress HTML Editor, by Multimedia Australia, is a multi-function editor with both a text editor for hand writing code and a WYSIWYG visual editor. Many experienced developers start with a WYSIWYG


phpDesigner, developed by MPSOFTWARE, offers many of the top features used in HTML editors like syntax highlighting, PHP support and free updates for new versions. phpDesigner supports several coding

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