Pros / XNSPY sends you alerts when your child uses restricted keywords.

Cons / It doesn't let you set time limits on your child's smartphone usage.

 Verdict / XNSPY is extremely easy to install and use, and activity shows up soon after it occurs so you aren't left waiting for important information, though it has some limits in the activities it can monitor.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

XNSPY's cell phone monitoring software is fast and thorough in tracking and reporting activity on both iPhones and Android devices. The software allows you to create a lot of instant alerts and has remote functionality, both of which help it earn our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award for best cell phone monitoring software.

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XNSPY is a cinch to install and use, and it only takes a couple minutes to get it up and running. The company does not offer plans for multiple devices, so you have to purchase multiple single-license plans to monitor more than one child. XNSPY monitors the target cell phone thoroughly, and activity and contacts show up quickly on your end.

You can remotely lock the target device and back up and restore monitored data. While the software supports remote viewing, a feature that takes a screenshot of the target device's current screen, it only works on rooted Android smartphones. During our review, we found that this mobile phone spyware can record calls and lets you bug the device's microphone so you can hear whatever your child can. However, we don't recommend you use these two features since they may be illegal in your state.

Tracking & Reporting

The cell phone monitoring software tracks an impressive amount of information, including the device's installed apps and GPS history. You can see calls, texts, contacts and calendar events. XNSPY also lets you monitor Gmail information and chat apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but only on rooted devices.

XNSPY can’t reveal keystrokes or deleted content, so some activity may still slip through your fingers. These two features aren't particularly common in our cell phone monitoring comparison, though they would still be useful additions.

Alerts & Restrictions

You can set up a variety of instant alerts in the software, including notifications for when your teen uses certain keywords or changes the device's SIM card. You can also flag or block specific contacts. In addition, XNSPY lets you restrict which mobile apps and websites your child can access, though this mobile phone monitoring service doesn't allow you to set time limits on your child's smartphone use.


You can choose the plan term that best suits your needs – monthly, quarterly or yearly – and the longer the term you select, the more you save per month. This cell phone spying software is only available for iPhones and Android devices and does not support BlackBerry smartphones.

Help & Support

If you need to reach the manufacturer with questions or concerns, you can do so via email or live chat. You can also consult the live demo and FAQs section on its website for additional information.


Though XNSPY is slightly limited in its compatibility and the activities it can monitor, it works well overall and has fast reporting so you don't waste your day waiting for important information. It lets you track pretty much all cell phone activity and set up a wide variety of alerts to keep your child safe.

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