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Mobile Devices
Mail Servers (MTAs)
Email Encryption Software Review: Send and Receive Secure Emails
Send secure emails that satisfy compliance requirements as well as customers' security expectations. Using email encryption software and services, your company can send encrypted emails easily.


Multiple Verification Methods
Policy-Based Encryption
SSAE 16 Type II Certified Data Center
Identity Based Encryption (IBE)

Recipient Features

Compatible W/ Most Platforms
No Recipient Download Required
Message Accessible Via Web Portal
Can Send Secure Reply Emails
Self-Service Password Resets

Send Features

One-Click Encrypting
Email Tracking
Receive Notices
No Download Options
Configurable Message Expirations

Administration Tools

Central Management Console
Policy Management
Create Groups
Deployment Options
No Key Management Required
Compatible with Active Directories

Integrations & Compatibilities

DLP Protocols
eDiscovery and Archiving
Security Software

Additional Features

Compliance Reporting
Large File Support
Branding Options
Digital Signatures
Automated Bulk Secure Email
Secure Forms

Email Encryption Software Review

What Does Email Security Software Do?

Email security and encryption software does more than just encrypt emails. Depending on the solution, you can send compliant email transmissions, thwart data loss, secure proprietary information and instill client confidence. In addition, imposed encryption points range from one-click options to enforced policy-based encryption methods. Although many industries in the past required faxing of sensitive information, nowadays many email encryption services provide compliant encrypted email options that are even more secure than traditional faxing and much more convenient.

Beyond email security, secure email software also provides tools to help with compliance, legal inquiries and tracking. The best email security software provides an administration console, compliance reports, sortable email logs, email trackers, email expiration dating, and archiving technology. Many are also compatible with all email types, DLP filters, security software and mobile email.

To learn more about what email security services can offer check out our top rated products. See HP SecureMail, if you are looking to integrate email encryption with your established business applications. For exceptional ease of use from admin to recipient, see DataMotion. If you are looking for DLP tools combined with email encryption, see Proofpoint. To learn more about email encryption, see our articles on email encryption software.

Email Encryption Software: What to Look For

The first consideration with email security software is the encryption point. Small businesses may trust employees to decide which emails need to be encrypted. In this situation, a desktop or cloud-based solution will work. Other companies may benefit from removing the decision from the employee by using policy-based filters. This encrypts emails after they leave the employee's desktop at the point where they pass through the mail server, gateway, appliance or web portal, based on your company's policy filters.

Other considerations include the integrations and compatibilities you require, such as Outlook plugins, mobile phone emailing, email protocols and archiving methods. You will also want to select a solution that provides the encryption methods your business and clients require. Most services support OpenPGP and S/MIME encryption methods and provide access to other types of email security, such as AES and certificates if requested. Another consideration is the recipient experience. You want to look for a secure email solution that provides a simple and quick way for your customers and recipients to access secure messages.

Here are the criteria we used to compare email encryption software:

If your company is bound by compliance or regulatory requirements, you need to ensure that the email encryption service you use can satisfy your security standards. All email encryption software secures emails. However, most secure email services offer a range of security options, such as user-initiated and policy-based encryption. Some will even block email from sending messages that contain non-sharable information. If the service stores your email data and interactions for your company, they should take precautions to secure their data center(s). We compared a wide range of security features and rated highest those that not only encrypt email, but also those that provide additional layers of security.

Recipient Experience
While security is critical, you do not want it to inconvenience your customers. We looked for encryption software with features that make the recipients' experience hassle free. The encryption programs that are simplest to use do not require your customers to download software or maneuver through a complicated process to receive secure messages. We rated highest the software that also allows recipients to send secure return emails and easily request passwords without your administrator having to manage the request.

Administration Tools
Competitive email encryption software for small businesses and larger companies should supply a powerful, simple to use administration console. We compared services and the tools they offer for managing emails, creating reports, sorting emails, deploying software and configuring policies. The best software provides simple or even automatic deployment options and preconfigured policies that support common regulatory constraints.

Integrations & Compatibility
Most companies do not run email encryption software independently. To be truly useful and efficient, it should function alongside popular business solutions such as Salesforce, GroupWise and security software. It also ought to work across platforms with all email types, regardless of the device type (PC, mobile phone or tablet). Top encryption tools also work in conjunction with content and internet filters, as well as eDiscovery and archiving methods. We rated highest the encryption software that is compatible with all popular platforms and commonly used business applications.

Unless you only need encryption software for one seat, you will want to do your share of research before contracting with an email encryption service. We suggest that you peruse our reviews, identify your top three candidates and then contact those companies for a customized quote. Their sales teams and account managers should be able to help you identify the best method for providing the type of email security that would work best for your company and its regulatory requirements.