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Pros / Panda detected and removed nearly every piece of spyware and malware AV-Test put it up against.

Cons / This spyware removal software hogs your system resources, slowing down other activities like downloading and gaming.

 Verdict / Panda protects your computer from spyware and viruses, but the drag it puts on your computer makes it less appealing than other spyware removers on our lineup.

Editor’s Note: Top Ten Reviews uses test results from the independent laboratory AV-Test as part of our review process for the best antispyware software. AV-Test looks specifically at protection, performance and usability on multiple versions of Windows operating systems, and it performs these evaluations several times throughout the year. We use the most current AV-Test scores available at the time of our review. It is possible that new AV-Test scores will be released after our review goes live on the site. We will consider these scores during our next review of the best antispyware software.

Panda Antivirus Pro claimed a spot in our review of the best antispyware software because it not only protects your computer from spyware, but also from other kinds of threats like viruses and keyloggers. But it's a significant drain on your system's processing power, and it's missing the ransomware protection that you can find in the best antispyware software on our lineup.

AV-Test puts all the popular antispyware software on the market through a battery of tests several times a year. At the time of this writing, Panda had mixed results. It scored 100 percent in the performance test, which measures how well spyware removal software detects and removes threats from your machine. This includes more than spyware; Panda can protect you from data-destroying viruses, rootkits and other threats to your computer. The average protection score for the antispyware we reviewed was 92 percent.

However, that protection comes with a price. Panda only scored 67 percent on AV-Test's performance evaluation, while the average score for performance in our review is 83 percent. This means that Panda uses up a great deal of your computer's resources to run, causing significant lag in your other computer activities. While Panda is running, your downloads, uploads, games, other applications, streaming content and more will be noticeably slower.

The final AV-Test score we looked at in our review of the best spyware removers is usability, which shows how often the programs yield false positives. Panda scored 92 percent – exactly the average of the antispyware we reviewed. So you don't need to worry much about the program flagging safe programs and files as malicious.

One thing this antispyware software cannot do is protect you against ransomware, a particularly nasty form of malware where hackers seize control of your computer and don't release it unless you pay them. This is a terrifying experience, and it's becoming more common. We'd like to see Panda add ransomware protection in future versions.

  • Protection
  • Performance
  • Usability
  1. This score, taken from, reflects how well antispyware programs detect and remove threats from an infected computer.
    Higher is Better.
  2. 11  Panda
    100.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 100.0 %
  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    92.42 %


While Panda Antivirus Pro can protect you from most online threats, the trade-off is a slow computer. It also can't protect you against some big threats like ransomware. There are other programs that can provide the same protection as Panda Antivirus Pro or better without putting a major drag on your system performance.

Panda Antivirus Pro Visit Site