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Norton Utilities does far more than disk defragmentation. This program runs on PCs and Macs, which makes it unusual among defrag software, and it includes a startup optimization process.

The software has a feature called Smart Defrag to automate maintenance. It also checks your hard drives and defrags them automatically when they reach a certain level of fragmentation, so you don't have to start every process manually. Depending on how often you scan your hard drive, you can choose a quick defrag or a full-system scan.

This defragmenter checks files and folders for duplicate data, so you don't waste room on your hard drive and also delete corrupted files. This feature reduces future fragmentation issues. When you have duplicate files on your drive, you lose valuable storage space, which can slow your computer's overall performance. If you accidentally delete an important file, you can open the program to recover it.

This defrag application has tools that can help increase your boot-up speed, monitor the health of your hard drive and repair damaged files. It can clean your disk of outdated registries and browsing history, and in extreme cases, permanently remove third-party software and wipe hard drives. It also has a restore tool to return a computer to a previous state as far as programs and settings. The system dashboard can lead you through these processes to get your computer running at top efficiency.

For systems running Windows XP, Norton Utilities requires a 233MHz processor and a minimum of 64MB of free storage space. When used as Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista defrag software, the program requires a 1GHz processor. 32-bit systems will need at least 1GB of memory while 64-bit systems need 2GB of RAM to function. Systems running Windows 10 need at least 100MB of free space, SVGA video and an internet connection for updates.

This software is also available for Mac OS 9.2 (and newer) and Mac OS X 10.1 (and newer). A single license gives you access to the software on three PCs, and you don't have to subscribe to a monthly or yearly service.