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Pros / Disk Image’s boot disk can recover your data when everything else has failed.

Cons / It has no option for setting memory or hard drive usage levels while running a virtual machine on your physical computer.

 Verdict / This is good disk imaging software that is best used for migrating data to another computer or creating a backup to keep in case of emergencies.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

While there isn’t much that sets Active@ Disk Image apart from other disk imaging software programs, it has some features that make it easy to use. It’s a wizard-based system with a clean interface that feels familiar if you’re used to the way Windows works. However, it has some features that definitely aren’t for beginners.

This disk cloning software has the same basic backup features as other types of cloning software. It offers incremental and differential backups that can be run through a task scheduler. You’re also able to back up images to a network or removable media like a CD or external hard drive.

You can choose to image a certain file or folder, or your entire system; afterwards, the software verifies your images are error-free. It can compress your data to help you save space while storing, emailing or uploading it, and it can encrypt your data for added protection. If your images are large, the software helps you split them across files, partitions and storage media.

The software can do more than cloning your hard drive – it can also help you restore images in case your computer crashes. You can load any boot media you create in a pre-OS environment on your computer, even if the BIOS refuses to work, and get your computer up and running again. You can also retrieve a single file or folder, if needed, and the software can resize your files while restoring them, eliminating extra space. While the software can image specific files or everything on your system, it can’t create or modify partitions.

The software makes it easy to mount your images files to dissimilar hardware, so it’s well-suited for times when you upgrade components or migrate your data to another physical or virtual machine. The software’s strength lies within its migration management capabilities, making it a great choice if that’s something you’ll be doing on a regular basis.

Unlike some of the best disk imaging software, this program has no way for you to set memory or hard drive usage levels while using a virtual machine. Not having these limits may hinder your ability to use the physical side of your computer simultaneously. However, with features like a task scheduler and command line integration, you can set up many tasks to run automatically or at times when you’re away from the computer. Overall, the software is relatively easy to use and organized well.

The company has limited customer support options. You can contact technical support directly via email or phone, and there’s a modest FAQs section and user guide on the website. The software is only compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7.

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Active@ Disk Image is decent disk imaging software, offering powerful features and a handful of basic tools, like a simple task scheduler. However, it doesn’t support partitioning and its focus on advanced functionality like data migration puts it just out of reach from intermediate and novice users. However, if data migration is your focus, Active@ Disk Image is a good choice.

Active@ Disk Image 7 Visit Site