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Pros / It has powerful backup options, including tools for Microsoft Volume Shadow, Outlook Email and specific sectors.

Cons / It doesn’t have the ability to resize your files while it restores them.

 Verdict / The software walks you through creating and restoring backups of your files and partitions, and its added functionality to do things like migrating your data to another computer make it a great choice.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Though using disk imaging software is a task generally reserved for an IT department, EaseUS Todo Backup makes it easy for experienced home computer users to use as well. This hard drive cloning software offers the full functionality of advanced imaging software, including the ability to create an incremental backup, perform a full system restore, compress images and migrate your system. Backed by extensive technical support resources, the software is a great option for intermediate and advanced computer users alike.

As is expected for a program that is among the best disk imaging software available, EaseUS Todo Backup can perform a variety of backups; it can create a backup of your entire system or a specific sector or file, or run a differential, incremental or full backup. The software then verifies whether the backup image is free of errors. There are even options that many other programs don’t include, such as tools designed to work with Microsoft Volume Shadow and Outlook Email, as well as with specific sectors.

You can save your images to external sources, like a cloud server, external hard drive, CD or DVD, amongst other options. Large images can either be split into multiple smaller files or be compressed to save storage space. You can even encrypt images for added security. Boot media is easy to create and handy in case your computer crashes.

The software can easily restore an image after your computer crashes, letting you load it in a pre-OS environment to get your computer back up and running in no time. However, it won’t let you resize your files while it restores. If you upgrade part or all of your computer but want to keep your existing data, the software allows you to work with dissimilar hardware, meeting you in the middle to get all of your data matched up to the new components.

If you have a virtual machine, the software can automatically mount your backup image to it, as well as to a virtual drive. If you run a virtual machine or drive, you can set a limit on how much memory it uses, allowing you to do other things on your computer simultaneously.

This disk cloning software has command line functionality so you can run scripts to automate advanced tasks. There’s also a scheduler with which you can set up certain tasks to run automatically on certain days.

Though other programs we reviewed were slightly easier to use with more intuitive interfaces, it only means that if you need more advanced tasks, you may have to do a bit of digging to find those options. However, basic tasks are easily launched from the home page.

The company has technical support reps available via email, phone or live chat. If you prefer to troubleshoot problems on your own, or simply want to learn more about the product, you can check out the knowledgebase and community user forums on the website. The software is compatible with recent versions of Windows, but not on Mac OS X or Linux and is available in ten languages.

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You can create or restore an image easily with EaseUS Todo Backup, save it to a variety of sources and even move it to different locations. This software has all of the functionality that advanced users need, but it is accessible enough for casual intermediate users to understand, making it a good option for non-professional home use.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home Visit Site