Pros / We found this software easy for anyone to use.

Cons / Once the first 30 days are up, you have to pay for help and support.

 Verdict / Partitioning Manager is an all-in-one application that performs the features of several applications.

Paragon Partitioning Manager combines the functions of several different applications into one. Normally you would have to buy two or three software packages to get all the partitioning, backup and restoration features of Paragon’s partition manager software. Because this software is an all-in-one package with a comprehensive feature set, we have awarded it with theTop Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

We also felt this software was intuitive to use, which helped it rank higher than many other products. You will appreciate the simple interface and the setup wizards that guide you through every process. Everyone will be able to use this software, regardless of their computer background.

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Paragon Partition Manager gives you the capability to perform basic and advanced partitioning functions. Under the Partitioning section of the main menu, you can choose between creating, deleting, resizing and merging partitions. After you click on one of these options, a wizard will guide you through that specific process. The wizards make it easy to organize your hard drive. The partitioning tool of this partition manager software will help you optimize the space on your hard drive, which in turn will help you speed up your computer’s processes.

This hard disk partition software also gives you the option of hiding or showing partitions and activating or deactivating partitions. These functions further help you to set up your hard drive exactly the way you want.

Data Backup & Restore

We were impressed that Paragon Partition Manager performed all the backup and restoration functions that we tested it for. Many partition manager applications do not have any capabilities to back up or restore your data.

Partition Manager allows you to back up your data to various storage devices, as well as cloning your entire hard drive or specific partitions. Cloning allows you to move all your data from an old computer to a new one, while backing up your data protects you against data loss in case of hard drive failure.

This hard disk management software has the capability to recover lost data and restore it to your hard drive. Normally you would need to buy another application to recover and restore this data, but with Partition Manager you already have software that performs these functions.


There are several extra features included in this partition manager software. Some of the most important ones include the ability to defragment (clean up) your hard drive, install a new operating system and manage multiple operating systems. The boot manager allows you to easily set up the parameters of your operating systems.

We regret that Partition Manager does not have the ability to wipe hard drives clean. This is an important feature if you want to ensure that your passwords and important documents are permanently deleted when you sell or donate your old computer. We also wish this partition manager software would monitor the hard drive and predict disk failure.

Even though this software is missing a few features, we are still impressed with its comprehensive feature set that aids you in performing many important processes.

Ease of Use

We found this partition manager software easy to use and navigate. The application has a menu on the left. After clicking on one of the menu sections, you will be taken to a page with those respective features. Each page has one or two buttons that perform specific functions. The buttons have precise titles and a clear caption that explains what function each button performs. We appreciated that the clear interface left little room for confusion.

After you click on one of the buttons, a setup wizard pops up and guides you through that process. This makes it self-explanatory to partition your hard drive, back up your data, install a new OS or any other function.

Technical Help & Support

Paragon provides comprehensive help and support for this partition manager software. They help customers through phone, email and live chat support. You can also research answers to your questions in the FAQs section or connect with other users in the Paragon user forum.

Unfortunately, Paragon customers will have to pay for support after 30 days of their purchase. Partition Manager ranked lower in our help and support section because of this limited period of free support. This charged support includes phone, email and live chat correspondence.

We appreciate the support section in the application, which connects you with company information, such as a phone number and website.


We recommendParagon Partition Manager because we know you'll quickly become confident using this software. Even if you have never used similar software before, you will understand every step of each process as the application clearly guides you through it. We also recommend this partition manager software for its wide range of features that allow you to effectively organize and manage your hard drive.

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