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PC Migration Software Review: Simplify the Move From PC to PC
Whether you are transferring to a new PC or performing an in-place upgrade, you can easily move all of your applications, files and settings to your new computer with PC migration software.

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PC Migration Software Review

Why Use PC Migration Software?

Computer hardware and software can get quickly outdated, requiring you to update either one or both to handle tasks and keep your system secure. While many people can use the same PC and operating system for several years before feeling the need to update, upgrading is a nearly inevitable process. It's also not always an easy or quick one, especially if you've amassed dozens of applications and hundreds of important files on your current system, all of which you want to take with you to your new computer.

PC migration software helps make the transition to a new PC faster and easier. You can move all your important files, applications and settings, so you don't lose any downtime or interrupt your workflow more than necessary. Data migration software like PCmover, Zinstall XP7 and Zinstall WinWin have different capabilities, but each can help make the migration go smoothly. You can also read up on tips or other related information about how to transfer files from PC to PC in our articles on PC migration software.

PC Migration Software: What to Look For

When it comes time to choose which PC migration software to use, you'll want to make sure it has the tools and options you need to work with. You'll want software built to fit your migration situation, whether that's transferring data from an old PC to a new PC, from an old operating system to a new one or from an old hard drive to a new computer. Because every computer and system is different, look for a company that will provide thorough and quick help and support.

Transfer Tools
Good PC transfer software will be able to move more than just your documents and files. You'll also want to take your programs to save you the hassle of reinstallation, and you'll likely want to keep many of your settings. The best software will give you varying levels of selectivity to make the move easier, such as the ability to choose which file types or sizes you want to transfer.

Migration Options
The right PC migration software for you will vary depending on what sort of transfer you want to do. You could be looking to move from an old to new computer or to upgrade from one operating system to a new one. Some transfer software packages also provide the option of hard-drive restoration, so you can restore the contents of a hard drive from an old, non-working computer and transfer them to a new PC. Different software also offers different types of migration. Native migration integrates your old and new systems completely, while virtualization migrates your old system to a separate, virtual machine you use alongside your new system. Some data transfer tools only handle specific types of migrations, while the best will fit into any situation.

Additional Features
A good data migration tool will have an easy-to-use interface that walks you through each step. If for some reason the result isn't what you wanted, the software should have an easy way to undo the migration. When you transfer programs to a new computer, sometimes the applications won't work due to compatibility issues. If you have such programs you absolutely must have, you'll want to look for migration software that helps preserve application compatibility. You'll also want to take into consideration whether you've used partitions on your old system, as some programs won't work with such setups.

Help & Support
Not every migration is successful the first time, so many PC migration software companies offer technical support through phone, email or live chat. Some offer online forums where you can troubleshoot problems on your own. You should also be able to find an online setup guide that can help lead you step by step through the process as well as provide you FAQs for common issues.

The right PC migration software can alleviate the stress of upgrading to a new PC. While it's possible to accomplish the migration process manually, data transfer tools can save you time and the headache of sifting through files and product keys.