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Fix-It Utilities Pro 15 Review

PROS / This program improved our boot-up speed by 15 percent.

CONS / Diagnostic consistency was very low at 51.5 percent.

 VERDICT / Whether you have very few computer skills or advanced knowledge, the one click-fix is a great feature to quickly fix PC problems.

Developed by Avanquest, Fix-It Utilities Pro is a suite of PC tuneup tools designed to improve and maintain your PC's health. Running a full system analysis of your machine only takes minutes, no matter how many problems you have. Fix-It also gives your computer three different scores so you can quickly see where your system needs work. In our tests, it failed to dramatically improve our test PC, but it produced significant improvements to the boot-up speed.

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Testing PC system utility software is tricky: This type of software is designed to improve PC performance and has so many facets to it that it can be difficult to measure. We tested each product on our lineup on a test PC that we deliberately prepared so that it was slow and in need of a PC cleaner. We then used PCMark 8 to benchmark the computer's performance both before and after the software fixed all the issues. The benchmarking software tested word and data processing, graphics processing, web browsing and video chat quality. We also tested the boot-up speed and the diagnostic consistency.

  1. This is the overall improvement made to our test computer after multiple tests.
    Higher is Better
  2. 4 Fix-It Utilities Pro
  3. 12.5%
  4. 10%
  5. 9%
  6. Category Average

After multiple rounds of testing Fix-It Utilities Pro, our test PC's performance improved by 7.5 percent, on average. This was slightly below average. It actually produced one of the biggest improvements to word and data processing with a 7.05 percent improvement, but the graphics processing performance decreased by 2.1 percent. The other facets of the benchmarking were basically average improvements.

Still, despite the below-average improvement, even the best improvement in our review, which was 12.5 percent, was too minimal to be noticeable with day-to-day usage. Simply put, you can't expect major improvement from PC system utility software.

Fix-It Utilities Pro improved our test PC's boot-up speed by 15 percent. While this isn't the best gain, it represents a significant and noticeable improvement. For example, if it takes one minute for your PC to boot up, then this app can decrease the boot-up speed by 9 seconds. That may not sound like a huge improvement, but you'll notice it.

One downside to Fix-It Utilities Pro is the low diagnostic consistency, which received a 51.5 percent score. When you scan your computer for issues and fix them, the app shouldn't recognize any additional issues if you rescan it – this is diagnostic consistency. With Fix-It, it too often found errors and issues that needed to be fixed in scans performed immediately after the initial scan and fix. This doesn't necessarily reflect performance, but it should make you consider the diagnostic process.

Fix-It Utilities Pro has a wide selection of PC maintenance and optimization tools. You can back up and restore your system, recover accidentally deleted files, repair shortcuts and registries, optimize security and privacy, and permanently delete files. However, it lacks an SSD optimizer and a file encryption tool.


Fix-It Utilities Pro is a PC tuneup suite designed to fix and speed up your slow computer. Our tests indicate that the overall improvements to PC performance are minimal at just 7.5 percent, though the boot-up speed was improved significantly by 15 percent. The diagnostic consistency is also very low, but the app features nearly all of the PC maintenance tools you'd expect in one of the best PC system utility software suites.

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