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Oregon Scientific Projection review

The Oregon Scientific Projection alarm clock lacks a few features, such as station presets and other sounds to wake up to, but its simplicity is intelligent.

Oregon Scientific Projection review

Our Verdict

This alarm clock is simple to use and offers you a unique, inventive look.


  • The rotary controls make it easy to adjust the volume and radio frequencies.


  • There are no AM/FM presets.

Clocks are a staple of our homes and society, and the Oregon Scientific Projection alarm clock is a very unique model. It comes with all the features you would expect the simplest alarm clock to have, and while it lacks a few of the more extensive features found on the likes of the best sunrise alarm clocks, there are a few added perks to this product.

The Oregon Scientific Projection alarm has one capability that stands out, and that is the projection feature. This feature is a constant projection of the time on the wall or ceiling, and it can be rotated up to 180 degrees. On the back of the clock are the buttons to turn the projection on or off and rotate the projection. Also, the projection has a focus feature. Located on the back of the clock is a dial to which you can adjust the focus, which is adjustable up to six feet. The projection includes both the time and which alarm you have turned on.

The alarm clock radio is equipped with both AM and FM radio stations. There are no presets on this clock, so you have to manually select the radio station you want to listen to by turning the tuner dial on the top of the clock. If you want to listen to this radio while you are doing chores around the house, this might not be the clock radio for you. There is only one speaker, and it is a little less than two inches across. It's not loud enough for background music, but it does work very well as an alarm.

You can wake up to either the AM/FM radio or the alarm, but that is all. This clock comes with no additional sounds for you to fall asleep or wake up to. But there is the beeping alarm that is a crescendo of sound, meaning you'll be less likely to be startled awake. The retro design of the rotary controls actually makes it easy to find a station or control the volume. This alarm clock makes it easy to fall asleep, too, as it comes with a sleep feature that can be set for 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

If you're looking to add a well-designed clock your home, Oregon Scientific has you covered. Oregon Scientific designed the aesthetics of this alarm clock to work well in any room in the house. The LCD is simple, yet it is effortless to read; and because there are two brightness settings, ambient light is never too bright and the clock is readable in high light situations. The orange glow of the interface not only makes the numbers clear but also gives the clock an inventive design.

One thing about Oregon Scientific products is they are user friendly and are always dependable. The alarm clock comes with a one-year warranty. The website has convenient FAQs section, and you can chat online with an agent during your purchasing process. You can also contact them through email and by a toll-free number.

The Oregon Scientific Projection alarm clock does lack a few of the bells and whistles of other alarm clocks, such as station presets and other sounds to wake up to, but its simplicity is intelligent and attractive. The rotary volume and tuning controls offer an old-school design while meshing well with the new-age technology. When you project the time on to your ceiling or wall while falling asleep to your favorite radio station, it seems like the future is finally in your home.