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Amazon flowers review

Our Amazon flowers review sees us pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bouquet we received - but not all vendors are created equal.

Amazon flowers review
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Our Verdict

It's surprisingly easy to buy bouquets from Amazon Flowers, and there's a wide choice available. However, customer care is tough to find, and not all vendors via Amazon will deliver the same quality.


  • Easy ordering
  • Many affordable options
  • Surprisingly lovely bouquet


  • Hard to search for
  • Hard-to-find customer service page
  • Not the easiest or the most intuituve way to buy flowers

For our Amazon flowers review for 2020, we're evaluating the delivery giant on how it fares with fresh-cut flowers. Although not all flower vendors are created equal, we've picked one we thought could deliver fresh flowers within a reasonable time frame and that had decent customer reviews. We opted for the Roses & Alstros Bouquet, created by From You Flowers.  We then compared it to arrangements from the best flower delivery online services we'd already reviewed. Here's how it fares. 

Amazon flowers review: Website and selection

  • Hard to search for
  • Hundreds of options from hundreds of vendors
  • More classic options than modern ones

Anyone who has ordered from Amazon knows how easy it is to search for, select, and purchase an item in under five minutes. However, we found search for fresh cut flowers a little bit more difficult - we see this as the final frontier for Amazon, another space to conquer. Instead of searching for 'fresh-cut flowers,' which can yield some unrelated results, here's how to find the right section. 

  • In Amazon's menu, scroll down to and click on 'Food & Grocery'
  • Within that menu, click on 'Grocery and Gourmet Food'
  • Staying on the left side of the screen, click on the category 'Fresh Flowers & Live Indoor Plants'
  • Under 'Show results for,' click on 'Fresh cut flowers'
  • Then, you can browse by flower type, bestsellers, and top rated bouquets

Because of the sheer number of vendors and bouquets available for purchase on Amazon, you can browse  hundreds of arrangement options to find one that wil suit the taste of your recipient. However, we found that Amazon's selection wasn't as varied as we had hoped. Most of the bouquets are more classic arrangements that may not be appealing to more modern tastes. If you know your recipient leads toward from subtle, soft colors and uneven arrangements, you may want to check out something like UrbanStems or The Bouqs. In short, none of the arrangements we saw on Amazon blew us away, although they are by no means 'ugly.'

Amazon Flowers review: When you find it, the selection is good

Amazon Flowers review: When you find it, the selection is good (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon flowers review: Prices and value

Because of the wide range of Amazon flower offerings, we also found a wide range of prices. We were pleased to see some very affordable arrangements, from $30 to $50. There were also arrangements for well into the hundreds of dollars, if you're looking to spend a hefty amount. Whether or not each bouquet is worth their price heavily depends on the reliability of the vendor. 

However, we warn that delivery fees can be quite exorbitant if you don't have Amazon Prime. Delivery fees depend on the vendor and the price of the arrangement.

Amazon flowers: Ordering and delivery

  • Easy ordering - it's Amazon
  • No same-day or next-day delivery
  • For exact delivery dates, not the best service

When you choose your arrangement from Amazon's selection of fresh-cut flowers, you'll find that placing your order is as easy as placing any order through Amazon. With just a few clicks, you can checkout. 

We noted three more flaws in Amazon's flower delivery: the first is that there is no same-day or next-day delivery, although this may vary by vendor and may be dependent on the time you order. We've found that, more often than not, these delivery options do not exist for flowers. The second is that customers often can't choose the exact day they have their flowers delivered. For our bouquet, we had the choice of having it delivered anytime within a week, anytime within two days, or on one pre-determined specific day. This isn't ideal for many. And the third is that adding a complementary message to your order can be tricky. Many vendors provide instructions on how to do so, but some may not even offer that option. 

Amazon flowers review: Arrangement quality

  • Surprisingly eye-pleasing bouquet
  • Arrived with buds still closed
  • Caution: not all vendors are created equal
What we tested

Amazon flowers review

(Image credit: Amazon )

Seller: From You Flowers
Arrangement: Roses & Alstros Bouquet
Included: Clear glass vase
Size:  Regular
$34.99 + $14.99 shipping
7 Mixed Colored Roses + Alstroemerias
Added extras:

We were wary about ordering fresh-cut flowers from Amazon, considering that Amazon is not a known purveyor of flowers, and is rather a service known for delivering non-perishable goods. Our extensive experience ordering from Amazon dictated that we should expect some amount of uncertainty as to both the quality of the bouquet and the day on which it should arrive. We're pleased to say that we were pleasantly surprised by what we received, and it rivalled even the lovely flowers we got from the likes of ProFlowers.

As expected, our flowers arrived in a box, and was secured in place by a zip tie. The buds were also protected by padding, which we thought was a nice extra precaution to make sure that our flowers arrived in good condition. 

When we removed the flowers form the box, we noticed that none of the flowers had reached full bloom. This made for a very green bouquet, which isn't necessarily what one would want to see. However, we appreciated the caution on the part of the florist who decided that it was better to send flowers that would be beautiful with proper care instead of flowers that wouldn't last very long after arriving at their destination. We noted that the seven roses were bunched up in the middle of the arrangement, and that the bouquet's look would have benefited from spreading them out a little more. 

The complimentary message we included for ourselves was one of the nicer-looking ones we received. It was printed on the florist's branded paper, which was a little sturdier than the average note. The flower care instructions were also included on laminated paper, along with a coupon for another arrangement (with no expiration date). There were coupons for other services included as well - one for $80 off HelloFresh and another for an online jewelry store. We thought that these were nice touches. 

A word of caution: not all florists and flower delivery providers operating through Amazon are created equal. We recommend reading customer reviews of each individual bouquet very closely. If you want to order flowers through Amazon, we also recommend that you opt for a bouquet that has many reviews, to be safe.

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Amazon flowers

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Amazon flowers

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Amazon flowers review: Customer service

  • Customer service can be hard to find and refunds not guaranteed

If you are unsatisfied with your bouquet, you can reach out to Amazon customer service. Per the Amazon help page, "fresh flowers, live indoor plants, or insects are not returnable to Amazon, but may be refundable." Unfortunately, Amazon does not make it easy for customers to request a refund. We had to search for a while before finding the page that could help us potentially request a refund for a defective product that couldn't be returned. 

To request a refund, visit the Contact Us page. From there, you can choose to chat with a bot or schedule a call with a representative. However, because there is no "happiness guarantee," Amazon can choose not to issue a refund due to a number of factors, including the fact that the flowers you order come from independent vendors. 

Amazon flowers review: Customer reviews

  • Customer reviews depend on the bouquet and vendor

In evaluating Amazon flowers, we found it difficult to review as a whole: because the quality and freshness of the bouquet varies by vendor, customer reviews are quite scattered. You could argue that's no different from a site like 1-800 Flowers, who contracts to local vendors. In some, customer satisfaction depends on the bouquet you choose. We saw some bouquets with nearly 5 stars, while other barely had 2. If you choose to order from Amazon, we recommend that you look closely at what other customers had to say before purchasing. We also recommend that you choose a bouquet with a lot of reviews so you know the product is consistent. 

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