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Best Coffee Machine

Best coffee machines 2021
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Only the best coffee machine will do for caffeine lovers and here you’ll find the top-rated makers including traditional models and a pour-over model. We break down just what to look for and consider before purchasing a coffee maker including how large of a carafe you need to serve a lot of people. Here is our list of the best coffee machines.

Best overall

Best coffee machines

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Geepas 1.5L Filter Coffee Machine

Feature overload

This coffee machine by Geepas is full of features to help brew good coffee. The glass carafe holds 1.5 litres of brewed coffee and sits on a warming plate. It has an automatic shut-off function that turns the maker off after 40 minutes of standing idle, and has boil-dry protection. The Geepas coffee machine has a 30-second drip delay so you get the best taste from your coffee grounds. It also gives you a 30-second pause during brewing so you can fill your cup then continue brewing.

Best value

Best coffee machines

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Breville Mostra Easy Measure Coffee Machine

Always fresh

 One of the features of the Breville Mostra coffee machine is its freshness indicator. This lets you know how long it’s been since the pot was brewed. It does have a warming plate to keep freshly made coffee hot for up to 30 minutes. This coffee maker is programmable with a delayed start of up to 24 hours. It also has a built-in water filtration system plus two reusable filters to help cut down on costs. After the machine is set up, it soaks coffee grounds for at least 30 seconds before starting the brewing process. The glass carafe holds 1.8 litres of brewed coffee. 

Best single-serve

Best coffee machines

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Morphy Richards Coffee On the Go

One cup at a time

The best part of the Morphy Richards coffee maker is that it makes one cup of coffee that you brew and take with you. It even comes with a 0.3-litre insulated tumbler and secure lid that fits in your car’s cup holders. This makes taking your coffee along on your errands or morning commute much easier. You can use other tumblers or mugs rather than the included to-go cup. The Morphy Richards On The Go coffee machine has a reusable filter that is easy to clean and eliminates the need to purchase disposable ones. And if you accidentally leave the Morphy Richards coffee machine on, it will automatically shut off on its own to help keep your electric bill down and your home safe. 

Pour over coffee maker

Best coffee machines

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Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker

Make coffee anywhere

This coffee maker from Bodum is an electric-free option that lets you brew coffee wherever you are. Using the pour-over method, this maker brews coffee by simply pouring hot water over coffee grounds. Coffee is ready to drink in 3-4 minutes. The reusable filter and glass carafe are both dishwasher safe. This coffee maker includes a decorative cuff that fits snuggly around the carafe to keep hands from getting burned while handling it. You can choose between silicone or cork bands and in several different colours. Total this coffee maker brews 1 litre of coffee.

What do you need in a coffee maker?

If you’re the only coffee lover in your house, a single cup coffee maker might be best for you. Both Morphy Richards and Bodum have great options depending on if you prefer coffee brewed from an electric, filtered machine, or a pour-over coffee maker.

For a household with loves of coffee fans, you’ll need a machine that’s bigger so that you’re not making endless cups of coffee in a row. We recommend a 1.8-litre coffee machine. Also, look for one that features a warming plate so that leftover coffee stays warm for when you fancy a top off.