Struggling to organize? These to-do apps can help you get your life and work in order

Best to-do apps in 2022: image shows smartphone
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If you’re looking to get things done in 2022, these to-do apps can help you declutter your daily tasks and help you achieve all that you need to do with far less stress. To-do apps offer a way to visualize and prioritize the most important tasks without losing sight of the myriad little 'things to dos' that make up everyday life. 

We’ve collected some of our favorite apps from across the web, drawing from both user reviews and our own experience. Some are collaborative, some are a little more barebones, and some are downright gorgeous to look at and remarkably intuitive to use.

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A quick distinction before we begin, though. We’re looking at task managers and to-do list apps, as opposed to more collaborative project management tools such as the likes of Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and more.

It’s also worth noting that while some of the following apps cost money, you may be well suited by your device’s built-in options. If you’re not the type of user to consciously remember to add a task to your list instinctively, you can practice with the likes of the iOS/macOS’ reminders app, or even just a Sticky Note on your Windows desktop. Like many people, however, you may find third-party to-do apps far more useful and efficient when it comes to organizing your tasks and errands.

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So without further ado, here are our picks for the best to-do apps in 2022


Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, web

Best to-do apps: Todist

(Image credit: Todoist)

Todoist has, for many users, become something of a gold standard for to-do list applications. That’s partially down to the way it runs beautifully on all key platforms, with your tasks syncing across all of your devices without you needing to manually update anything.

Todoist also uses natural language to add your tasks, so if you make a note that you need to take the trash out on a Tuesday morning, you can simply type “take out trash Tuesday" and it’ll be populated.

However you enter your tasks, there’s plenty of power-user functionality to Todoist, too. For one, the developer offers a series of templates for projects, and there’s a Todoist for Teams option which allows for collaboration, tracking of targets, and more. 

Todoist is free for 30 days, followed by a $3 per month subscription fee.

Things 3 

(macOS, iOS) 

Best to-do apps to get things done in 2022: Things 3 smartphone app

(Image credit: Apple)

Things 3 is incredibly popular among iOS and macOS users thanks to its gorgeous user interface that’s readable in an instant but that adds more subtle improvements with every release.

The app is laid out with Areas to keep projects and tasks within, which is helpful when keeping personal errands out of your professional tasks while allowing plenty of space for everything. You can add due dates, move tasks, and jot down unassigned tasks straight into your Inbox for organization later. Everything is effortless, and it makes Things 3 a task manager that’s a joy to be used.

There is one big limitation, though, aside from the fact Android and Windows users can’t use the app, and that’s that Things 3 doesn’t offer any collaborative tools — so while it’s perfect for working solo, you won’t be able to share your task list with a colleague. You can, however, give them a custom email address so that tasks can be sent straight to your Inbox.

Things 3 is $49.99 on macOS with a free trial, $19.99 on iPad, or $9.99 for iPhone (includes Apple Watch)

Microsoft To Do 

(Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, web)

Best to-do apps in 2022: Microsoft to-do

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Formerly known as Wunderlist, which Microsoft bought a while back, Microsoft To Do is a great-looking task manager that has the added bonus of being tied directly into Microsoft’s app ecosystem.

That means you can create tasks using Cortana on Windows, or turn emails into tasks immediately in Outlook, all while attaching documents from Office365 and a OneDrive link. 

It’s also the most colorful app on this list, at least if you want it to be; you can add custom images to each of your projects, like a holiday snap for your next travel plan. 

The best part? It’s free and runs on all platforms including a very capable web version.

Microsoft To Do is free. 


(Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, web) 

Best to-do list apps in 2022: TickTick

(Image credit: TickTick)

TickTick is a to-do list app that places an emphasis on meeting deadlines and completing tasks in a timely fashion.

To that end, it’s got the usual task list that can be separated by custom tags, projects, and more, as well as deep integration with your chosen third-party calendar. While the likes of Things 3 will show your events on the daily view and in the upcoming screen, TickTick allows more detailed scheduling of tasks through a Premium subscription option.

There’s also a built-in Pomodoro timer, allowing for 25-minute chunks of work — a method proven to help manage your time better and get more done. It keeps getting better, too, with regular updates on every platform like the ability to track your productivity habits.

TickTick is free to download, with TickTick Premium an optional $27.99 per year.

 Sorted 3

macOS, iOS 

Best to-do apps in 2022: Sorted 3

(Image credit: Sorted)

A relative newcomer in the to-do app space, Sorted 3 is a one-stop shop that bundles your calendar, events, notes, and tasks into a ‘hyper scheduler’ (although you can keep them separate if you prefer).

In practice, this puts your entire day into a handy list of tasks that you can check off, including things like meetings and appointments. It’s flexible, too, and will organize your tasks with parameters you set in mind — so you can avoid certain times, or set the end of your working day so it doesn’t remind you to send an email out of office hours (auto-scheduling is restricted to Pro users).

You can attach notes to anything, too, including robust formatting like task lists, meaning you can technically put a task within a task, if you feel like it, or jot down meeting notes straight onto the appointment itself.

Sorted 3 is free on all platforms, but the Pro membership that adds iCloud sync, backup, and the option to add attachments is a one-time payment of $14.99 on iOS and $24.99 on macOS.


macOS, iOS, web

Best to-do-list apps in 2022: Omnifocus

(Image credit: The Omni Group)

Developer Omnigroup describes OmniFocus as acting as a second brain, and when you see it in action it’s hard to argue. 

Upon first glance, things seem fairly simple, but the joy of OmniFocus is just how much it can be tailored to your needs. Tasks can be organized with user-created tags, set up in order of next due date, and it also supports incredibly powerful automation support.

You can add an incredible amount of information to your tasks, with notification support to keep you focused on the right task at the right time.

For all of its power, though, OmniFocus is pricey — and without a native Windows app, you’re limited to a (very good) web app.

OmniFocus is available for $99.99 per year, or $9.99 per month, with a 14-day free trial.

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