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Cheap lawnmower deals: Save on mowers from Greenworks, Honda, Snapper, and more

Black Friday lawnmower deals 2020: Get a cheap lawnmower with these Black Friday sales
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Looking for cheap lawnmower deals? We’ve found the very best deals on mowers at some of the nation’s favorite retailers including Sears, Lowes, Target, Home Depot, and more. There are some great savings on some of the best gas lawnmowers available when you shop right now, as well as countless offers on electric lawnmowers for those seeking the cheapest lawnmower possible. Some of the best deals we’ve found come from top brands like Honda, Snapper, Greenworks, Black + Decker, SunJoe, Skil, Mowox, and Lawn Boy. 

If you’re here to find the cheapest lawnmower deal possible, you’ll be pleased to find that there’s plenty of top lawnmowers on sale for under $100 right now, and that includes push lawnmowers as well as compact models. You may be looking for a great overall saving, or just checking if you have the best lawnmower deal possible before saving, in which case we’ve also found phenomenal savings on powerful gas mowers and self-propelled electric models which will allow you to mow your lawn in record time thanks to a wide mowing path and long battery life. 

Black & Decker 12" 3 in 1 Compact Electric Lawn Mower: $149.99 now $77.59 at Sears
With almost 50% off, this versatile mower switches seamlessly to trimmer and to edger too. Within the compact package there lies a powerful garden tool that sweeps grass and weeds aside with ease. It's lightweight design and adjustable handle delivers maximum comfort for users of all size and strength as well.    View Deal

Black & Decker BEMW472ES 10 Amp/ 15 in. Electric Lawn Mower: $219, now $142 at Target
Another powerful electric lawnmower, the Black & Decker BEMW472ES has a hefty 35% discount at Target right now. It has six height adjustments, making it easy to get that perfect lawn finish. View Deal

It’s harder to find a cheap ride-on lawnmower, but we’ve still tried our very best to find one that’s reasonably priced, so you can tackle even the largest of gardens all while staying seated. 

You may think that it’s not the ideal season to be investing in a cheap lawnmower deal, but the grass will keep growing no matter what time of year it is. You can buy a lawnmower with an adjustable cutting height to adapt your lawn to every season, and be sure to check out our guide on how to cut your lawn to the best height to stay on top of your lawn care this winter. We’ve also created a guide on how to create lawn stripes for those who want that professional touch. For the very best cheap lawnmower deals, keep reading.  

Cheap Black Friday lawnmower deals

Black Friday lawnmower deals

Today's top Black Friday lawnmower deals

We’ve tracked down the cheapest lawn mowers you can buy right now, to help you save big on push and self-propelled models. We’ve included both corded and cordless mowers, with a variety of discharge capabilities and height adjustment options, there’s a lawnmower deal for every garden in our top picks. 

Skil PM4910-10 PWRCore 40 40V Brushless Lithium-Ion Push 20 in. Cordless Mower: Was $479, now $419 at Target
One of the most powerful electric lawnmowers you can buy, the Skil PM4910-10 is a cordless mower with push button start and a wide cutting path. View Deal

Snapper 2691528 82V Max 21 in. StepSense Electric Lawn Mower: Was $649, now $524 at Target
Get $120 off this premium lawn mower. It has load detecting capabilities and a dual-battery powerhead for prolonged periods of use.
View Deal

Skil SM4910-10 PWRCore 40 40V Brushless Lithium-Ion Self-Propelled 20 in. Cordless Mower Kit: Was $599, now $479 at Target
Save 20% on this electric mower kit. It's self propelled and comes with an auto charger and backup battery. It also boasts a push-button start and self-propel with a variable speed dial control. A great deal. View Deal

Lawn Boy High Wheel Push Gas Walk Behind 21" Lawn Mower: $625 now $463 at Sears
Save over $160 on this high powered gas mower at Sears. The high wheels make short work of lengthy grass, while the large empty bags make for a quick disposal of cuttings. With a Honda engine, a two-point height of cut system and maximum two-pull start, garden care just got much easier.    View Deal

Mowox 21" Side Discharge Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower: $299 now $189 at Sears
Get $111 off this gas powered Mowox lawn mower at Sears. With a 21-inch deck and 125cc Briggs and Stratton engine, unruly lawns will be quickly cut down to size with this side discharge mower. The Prime N Pull-EZ starter means you'll have no problem getting going, while the handle folds neatly for easy storage.View Deal

Greenworks 19" Electric Lawn Mower: $499.99 now $350.90 at Sears
Save $100 on this Greenworks cordless mower at Sears. The 19-inch deck and 40V battery will make short work of any lawn. And with seven height adjustments and an instant start folding handle for added portability, mowing has probably never been easier.   View Deal

Pulsar 21 in. 173 cc Gas Recoil Start Walk Behind Push Mower: Was $296, now $229 at Home Depot
This powerful gas mower has three discharge options: bag, mulch, and side-discharge. It also boasts a seven-position height adjustment.View Deal

Costway 14-Inch 12Amp Lawn Mower w/Folding Handle: Was 199, now $99 at Walmart
Save $100 -
The Costway Electric Push Lawn Corded Mower has three adjustable heights which can tackle different weed types, and a curved and ergonomic grip which makes pushing it easier. It also comes with a dual switch design, which will prevent anyone from accidentally switching it on.  View Deal

Kobalt 40-Volt Max Brushless Lithium Ion Push 19-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower: Was $269, now $199 at Lowe’s
Save $70 -
For under $200 you can get this 40-volt push mower with a 26% discount at Lowe’s. It has seven height options and both mulching and side discharge capacities. It’s rare to get a cordless mower for under $200, so this is a stellar deal.  View Deal

Greenworks Pro 17 in. 60-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Battery Walk Behind Mower: Was $349, now $249 at Home Depot
Covered by a four year warranty, this Greenworks electric mower is reduced by $100 at Home Depot in this early Black Friday deal. A great option for those seeking a powerful electric mower. View Deal

Beast 26 in. 208 cc Gas Walk Behind 3-in-1 Wide Area Self Propelled Lawn Mower: Was $699, now $579 at Home Depot
As the name suggests, this is a powerful gas lawnmower. Reduced by $100, it's also got a beastly saving ahead of this year's Black Friday lawnmower deals. View Deal

Turf Beast 26 in. 208 cc 120V Electric Start Walk Behind Self-Propelled Rear Wheel Mower: Was $799, now $699 at Home Depot
Save $100 at Home Depot when you buy this Turf Beast mower. Designed for homeowners with large lawns, this wide and powerful gas mower will get the job done in no time.  View Deal

AchiForce Cordless Lawn Mower: Was $259, now $229 at Amazon
Save $30 on this cordless 13-inch lawnmower from AchiForce. A tool-free collapsible handle system makes it easy to store, and at only only 27 pounds it's also incredibly lightweight. View Deal

PowerSmart 21 in. 170 cc Gas 3-in-1 Walk Behind Push Mower: Was $219, now $169 at Home Depot
Save 23% on this gas walk behind mower at Home Depot. It has a compact but powerful 170 cc engine and side discharge and mulching capability.View Deal

Goplus 12 Amp 14-Inch Electric Push Lawn Corded Mower: Was $159, now $99 at Walmart
Save $60 on this affordable electric lawnmower. It has foldable handles for easy storage and large wheels to tackle even overgrown grass. View Deal

Costway 12 Amp 14-Inch Electric Push Lawn Corded Mower: Was $159, now $109 at Walmart
With $50 off, the Costway mower has an easy push button start and powerful mowers to mow your yard fast.View Deal

PowerSmart PS2194CR Gas Push Lawn Mower: Was $189, now $159 at Walmart
Save $30 on this gas lawn mower. With sharp and solid blades for mulching and the option of side discharge, this is the cheapest gas lawnmower deal we've seen so far. View Deal

Sun Joe 14 in. 12 Amp Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower: Was $149, now $99 at Walmart
Get a great mower for under $100 - The Sun Joe MJ401E is a great eco-friendly option. It has zero carbon emissions and starts with the push of a button. With three heights for different weed and lawn levels, it’s also suitable for a variety of terrains.  View Deal

Push lawn mower deals

Black Friday push lawn mower deals

Cheap lawnmower deals

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A push lawn mower is your best bet if you want to find something cheap and cheerful to cut your lawn every few weeks. Although they require a little more muscle because they are not self-propelled, these mowers are perfectly capable of taming the average yard. 

Typically speaking, push lawn mowers are the cheapest lawn mowers you can find. Pair that with a great lawnmower discount and you can find a cheap lawn mower easily. Here are some of our favorite deals right now: 

Self propelled lawn mower deals

Black Friday self propelled lawn mower deals 

Cheap lawnmower deals

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A self propelled lawn mower is the next step up from a push model, and that typically comes with a higher price as standard. Self propelled mowers do the hard work for you by driving themselves forward - all you need to do is walk behind. Self propelled mowers keep your cutting depth even and your pace consistent, and they usually come with desk levels for seasonal variation or adaptability over different terrains. Because the driving force is provided for you, self propelled mowers allow you to focus on the steering, which can lead to a better cut and less strain. Especially useful when it comes to larger yards. 

These are the top deals on self propelled lawn mowers right now: 

Riding lawn mower deals

Black Friday rider lawnmower deals

Cheap lawnmower deals

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Cheap lawnmower deals are easy to find among push mowers, but when it comes to rider lawn mowers, or even lawn tractors, the deals become a little harder to find. If you’re considering investing in one of these machines you’ll already know they’re never cheap, but even a saving of 10% can shave some serious money off these mowers, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for a discount riding lawn mower to make sure you’re getting the cheapest deal when you do invest.