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Cheap lawn mower deals 2021

Cheap lawn mower deals 2021
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These are the cheap lawn mower deals you can check out right now, in order for you to get a top-rated gardening tool for less. Whether you need one of the best gas lawn mowers for a large space, or prefer the quietness of one of the best electric lawn mowers, we’ve got all sorts of deals right here to make your summer trimming cheaper. 

These cheap lawn mower deals span across a variety of well-loved brands, including Honda, Troy Bilt, Sun Joe, Black + Decker, and plenty others, so you aren’t stuck with just the budget brands in your quest for an affordable mower. You’ll also find cheap lawn mower deals on big and compact models, so there’s pretty much always something on offer to suit different size gardens.

So, even though Amazon Prime Day is now over for another year, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still cheap lawn mower deals to dive into elsewhere. And once you have got a hold of your shiny new mower, why not take a look at what you can do with it, including our guides on how to create lawn stripes, and how to make your lawn greener. 

Cheap lawn mower deals

We’ve tracked down the cheapest lawn mowers you can buy right now, to help you save big on push and self-propelled models. We’ve included both corded and cordless mowers, with a variety of discharge capabilities and height adjustment options, there’s a lawnmower deal for every garden in our top picks.

Push lawn mower deals

Cheap push lawn mower deals

Cheap lawnmower deals

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A push lawn mower is your best bet if you want to find something cheap and cheerful to cut your lawn every few weeks. Although they require a little more muscle because they are not self-propelled, these mowers are perfectly capable of taming the average yard. 

Typically speaking, push lawn mowers are the cheapest lawn mowers you can find. Pair that with a great lawnmower discount and you can find a cheap lawn mower easily. Here are some of our favorite deals right now: 

Self propelled lawn mower deals

Cheap self propelled lawn mower deals 

Cheap lawnmower deals

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A self propelled lawn mower is the next step up from a push model, and that typically comes with a higher price as standard. Self propelled mowers do the hard work for you by driving themselves forward - all you need to do is walk behind. Self propelled mowers keep your cutting depth even and your pace consistent, and they usually come with desk levels for seasonal variation or adaptability over different terrains. Because the driving force is provided for you, self propelled mowers allow you to focus on the steering, which can lead to a better cut and less strain. Especially useful when it comes to larger yards. 

These are the top deals on self propelled lawn mowers right now: 

Riding lawn mower deals

Cheap rider lawnmower deals

Cheap lawnmower deals

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Cheap lawnmower deals are easy to find among push mowers, but when it comes to rider lawn mowers, or even lawn tractors, the deals become a little harder to find. If you’re considering investing in one of these machines you’ll already know they’re never cheap, but even a saving of 10% can shave some serious money off these mowers, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for a discount riding lawn mower to make sure you’re getting the cheapest deal when you do invest.