These days doing business on the go with your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device is the only way to keep up with demand. Add in the kids' homework and school projects and there is hardly any time left in your day. Stopping to boot up your computer, locate your file, send it to the printer and then wait, and wait, and wait costs you precious time. Wireless printers are designed for busy, productive people in mind. Though upfront, a good printer is pricey, in the end it is worth every penny. Here are just five of the many reasons to consider when purchasing a wireless laser printer.

1. Networking: Networking is connecting your computer, laptop or other electronic device to a printer. Often this is done using several wires and cables that run back and forth between your computer and the printer. The more people or devices that are networked to the printer, the more cables are needed resulting in a tangled web of wires. Wireless printers use Wi-Fi to connect all of your devices and multiple users without the need for any wires, cutting down on the potential hazards of tripping and electrical fires that come with too many cables. With a good Wi-Fi printer, everyone can send their documents at once and the printer will keep them organized in its queue until their project is up for printing.

2. Mobility: Using a traditional printer requires you to be close enough for the networking cables to reach both the printer and your PC or laptop. With a wireless laser printer, you can work on your document while catching up on the latest episode of your favorite television show then send it to the printer without moving from the couch. If there are multiple people in the house working on homework, banking or writing a letter to grandma, each of them, if networked to the wireless printer, can print their project from where they are. The best wireless printers have the capability to network to your mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for even more on-the-go printing options.

3. Internet Printing: With the emersion of the Cloud and other online data storage centers, you can easily share documents between devices and other people. With traditional printers, your project needs to be downloaded from the internet onto your device that is networked to your printer before it can be printed. With a wireless laser printer, the document is printed directly from the Cloud without taking up precious storage space on your computer or laptop. Some of the best wireless printers let your print from the internet to your printer even if you are accessing it from in your car, on the subway or at the store. With a simple press of a button you can be assured your document will be ready and waiting when you get home.

4. Multifunction: Several wireless printers come with multiple functions such as copying, scanning and a fax machine. With a Wi-Fi printer every document that you copy, scan or fax can be directly sent to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or all three. You can also send documents to be faxed or saved on the printer from any of these devices. Some wireless printers have the capability to print from USB flash drives or check and send email directly from the machine. With a multifunction wireless laser printer, working from home is easy, less stressful and cost efficient.

5. Overall Cost: Wireless laser printers are a major investment and are often costly. Laser printers require the use of toner cartridges and drums that are not cheap to replace. However, compared to traditional ink, toner last longer and prints several times more than ink, sometimes as much as 50,000 pages, before needing to be replaced. Laser printers are faster and more efficient than inkjet printers, so you don't waste valuable time waiting and waiting for your document to finish printing. Wireless laser printers are also built to last much longer. Their monthly duty cycle, or the amount of pages it can handle to print each month, is often in the tens of thousands. You won't have to worry about replacing these machines any time soon.

Wireless laser printers let you use your clever multitasking skills and get twice the work done without having to be continually connected to your desk. Other's in the house won't have to wait for their turn to finish up homework or get their projects done because they, too, can be networked to the printer and send their documents to be printed when they are ready. Wireless printing gives you more freedom to work comfortably and accomplish much more. Check out the Top Ten Reviews wireless laser printer comparison and find a printer that will fulfill all of your home printing needs.