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Discount Contact Lenses review

Discount Contact Lenses is a conventional web business, that holds good levels of stock and sells direct to the customer to save on costs.

Discount Contact Lenses review
(Image: © Discount Contact Lenses)

Our Verdict

Discount Contact Lenses has a great website, offers superb discounts on subscriptions, and has a wide range of products.


  • Great, usable website
  • Good range
  • Subscriptions with hefty discount


  • No toys or gadgets
  • Free shipping is for $99 and above only

Discount Contact Lenses is a very conventional web business, that holds good levels of stock and sells direct to the customer to save on costs. The site is one of the clearest and best arranged we’ve seen, and doesn’t slow you down with additional info or distractions. 

The website is an exercise in simple functionality, putting nothing between you and your buying choices, which makes it one of the best online contact lenses sites in 2020. The prices are as low as we’ve seen and the range is comprehensive. There’s just enough product information to help you choose, without overloading you. Real customer reviews are on every product page, and feature the bad as well as the good. As with many other sites, subscriptions are available and net you a straight 10% discount.

Discount Contact Lenses review: Price and discounts

In terms of pure cost, there’s very little to split the leading websites like Discount, AC Lens and 1800 Contacts. Those with bricks and mortar shops like Lenscrafters can be a little pricier, the pure online players tend to be the cheapest. Discount Contact Lenses and AC Lens are very similar, online only operations, and you’d be pushed to slide a sheet of paper between them, price wise. AC Lens just pips Discount Contact Lenses today, but it's marginal.

Discount Contact Lenses

(Image credit: Discount Contact Lenses)

Discount Contact Lenses review: Features and website

Discount Contact Lenses is a very straightforward and traditional proposition, from its self-explanatory name onwards. There’s just about every manufacturer and style represented here, and they’re clearly cutting out the middle-man, because prices are uniformly low. 

The site is well designed, though it’s no great looker. It never throws obstacles in your way, and ordering is easy. Without shouting it from the rooftops, there are any number of helpful and reassuring nods to customer service. Returns are simple and process no-questions-asked. There’s a friendly and well-staffed 1800 number for your urgent questions. The only fly in the ointment is that shipping is only free when you hit a total of $99. It’s only $5.99 below that though, which probably won’t break the bank. Discount Contact Lenses is a perfect site for people who want fast service and low prices without any fanfare or fuss. It's very similar to Contacts Direct in this respect.

The reasons for the price are, as usual, cutting down on sales overheads. There’s no main-street rent for your stores, no distributors to take their cut. It’s the Internet’s way to save you money by making sure that the fewer people that get hold of a piece of your order the better.

Discount Contact Lenses has broadened its range, and along with it its shop-front appeal. As well as the lenses, there are the usual cleaning and storage solutions with cases. There’s also a range of applicators and accessories and a smattering of cleansing products and eye friendly cosmetics.  A link on the site takes you to, its sister website, a very reasonable eyewear store featuring stylish own-brand frames and prescription lenses, although not as good as GlassesUSA. It’s probably not what you’re browsing for, but it’s a great addition to a growing range.

Should I use Discount Contact Lenses?

You’re not going to choose Discount Contact Lenses for its features or its host of value added extras. The stripped-down, streamlined experience and the low prices will tempt many who aren’t looking to make their contact shopping into a fun afternoon’s window shopping. Customer service is functional, and although the shipping and returns policies aren’t the most generous out there, they’re not prohibitive. Subscriptions make the prices yet lower, if you’re swayed by pure value, make sure Discount Contact Lenses is one of your first destinations.