Smart Defrag 6 Review

Automatically optimize your games and bootup time while defragging your computer with IOBit Smart Defrag.

iobit smart defrag
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Smart Defrag is easy to install and use and is efficient and hardworking despite missing a couple features.


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    The program has an SSD optimization option.


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    It doesn't have a resource-throttling setting.

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IOBit’s Smart Defrag is designed to optimize file placement for quick startups. A three-button interface in the disk defragmenter software allows you to choose how and what specifically you want to defragment on your computer. These buttons show your primary hard drive, Windows apps (on Windows 8.1) and an option to select specific files and folders. The top of the interface includes game and bootup optimization – the developer states these exist so that your machine doesn’t spend much time searching for information. If you own a solid-state drive, you can use this program as well.

Once you install IOBit’s disk defragmenter, it runs automatic scans without any external initiation. Just set it up and the program will monitor performance on its own. If you want to run a manual scan without selecting any of the extras, you can use the Trim button to analyze your computer for errors. This process scans the entire system and automatically performs corrective modifications as needed. It also includes an exclusion feature, where you can omit specific files and folders. This is located in the program’s settings.

When this application defrags your computer, it also organizes files by usage, so your hard drive can find the programs you use the most quickly and easily. It offers a special task for large files as well as for defragmenting free spaces, which consolidates the free space on your computer. Smart Defrag also includes a bot-time optimizer and a game optimizer, so you can squeeze out extra speed when you need it most.

iobit smart defrag

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The analysis tool within Smart Defrag goes beyond displaying how much memory you used. It also informs you of the disk temperature, which could help when diagnosing problems. The Auto Analyze feature alerts you when your disk needs defragmenting so you don’t waste time using Smart Defrag too often or forget to defrag your computer until after you’ve started seeing problems during regular use.

The program comes in multiple languages. Smart Defrag’s installation process includes some advertisements and offers, which slightly detracted from its score. If you’re not interested in IOBit’s additional features, you can easily skip these optional extras, however. This disk defrag software runs on all Windows operating systems (XP and newer), including Windows 10, and the installation file takes up less than 1.3KB of space on your hard drive. 

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