Whirlpool Gold G9CE3065XS Review

The Whirlpool Gold G9CE3065XS 30-inch electric cooktop has five burners and modernistic controls that you simply tap to adjust.

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The Whirlpool Gold G9CE3065XS has a sleek design with controls that are easy to use and safety features like a child lock. This is a good choice for people who cook delicate items alongside food that requires a lot of heat to cook things quickly.


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    Each burner has a simmer setting that lets you cook on accurate low temperatures to avoiding overcooking.


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    The burners lack the versatility of other cooktops with only one expandable burner that maxes out at 10 inches.

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The Whirlpool Gold G9CE3065XS 30-inch electric cooktop has five burners and modernistic controls that you simply tap to adjust. Four burners are designed for the standard cookware found in most kitchens, while the fifth burner features a double heating element that adjusts to the size of the pot or pan you are using. With this electric cooktop, you get three 6-inch burners, a 9-inch burner, and the double-element burner that starts at 6 inches and can expand to 10. This cooktop isn’t as flexible as other cooktops in our lineup, like the KitchenAid KECC667BSS, with only one burner that maxes out at 10 inches. The KitchenAid cooktop, by contrast, has three expandable elements, the largest of which expands from 6 to 12 inches.

One of this ceramic cooktop's best features is a special heat level called AccuSimmer Plus, which is available on every burner. This gives you low, accurate temperatures for foods that could easily burn, such as cream sauces or dishes that require melted butter.

The burners on this glass cooktop also have a warming option, which reaches as low as 20 watts. With this function, you can easily melt chocolate without burning it or poach foods such as trout without turning the fish into a rubbery, unpalatable mess. You also get a fast boil capability on the double heat element burner that reaches a maximum wattage of 3,000 and temperatures up to about 800 degrees Fahrenheit. The design of the Whirlpool Gold is clean and symmetrical, and the optional stainless steel border gives it a sleek touch.

Heat sensors are located under each burner. They light up brightly when the burners are in use, which is a handy safety feature to protect you or anyone else from getting burned. This glass cooktop also comes with a control lock so you can keep youngsters from getting hurt if they try to fiddle with the cooktop controls, because they simply will not turn on until you unlock them.

Another helpful design element is the controls are in the same configuration as the burners, so you won’t be confused as to which burner you are using. The controls are conveniently located in front so you can get to them easily. The design and controls are the best part of the Whirlpool Gold, and the full range of power options gives it an exceptional level of precision for whatever dish you are preparing. However, if you are a traditionalist who wants a more basic cooktop and you prefer hands-on controls to buttons, you might consider the Frigidaire FFEC3225MB.

The Whirlpool Gold G9CE3065XS has a lot of nice selling points, particularly the AccuSimmer Plus capability. While the burners lack expandability for pans of different sizes, they do have a wide range of wattage. If your menus often include things like creamy clam chowder or delicate béarnaise sauce, this electric cooktop is a great option. It also has safety features like a child lock and controls that are easy to use.

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