With a pair of solid floor-standing speakers, you can enjoy that heart rattling bass-sensation from all of the songs on our list of the Top 10 bass tracks. This list incorporates a thoroughly modern blend of quirky rock ballads, hip-hop jams and punchy dance hits all engineered for pulsing, thrashing bass. So turn up the volume and propel yourself into that signature chest pounding listening experience.

  1. "Above and Beyond" – Bassnectar
    "Above and Beyond" takes bass to a new level of profound subterranean sound. The electronic lows created by DJ Bassnectar in this staggering track are excessively deep. Don’t miss the relief of the unexpected string and piano melody either. Complexity at its finest, "Above and Beyond" is a legitimate explosion of bass and sound.
  2. "Hysteria" – Muse
    From the British rock group Muse, comes "Hysteria," a heavy electronic track chock full of momentum and stamina. Bass is the central motif from the first note to the last, enhancing the falsetto vocals of front man Matthew Bellamy. The real magic happens during the bass guitar arpeggio solos, especially after the second chorus when the riff takes center stage. 
  3. "M.A.D" – Hadouken!
    Full of chaos and pandemonium, "M.A.D." by London group Hadouken! brings excessive electronic hype. The crackling bass threatens to "crack your cranium," and the steady hammering of drum and bass support the harsh, electronic lyrics and mayhem. Every single second is madness, and enigmatic rises and drops keep you on your toes. Only the best floor-standing speakers can replicate the agitation and tension of this pumping track.
  4. "Papercut" – Linkin Park
    The first track on Linkin Park's debut album "Hybrid Theory," "Papercut," is an immensely satisfying rock metal hit. Paranoid and extreme from the get-go, "Papercut" excels in the head-banging sound straight from a rock concert. As is usual with Linkin Park, this heavy track features a unique sound heretofore unheard of with its edgy bass that is anything but mild. Spine-chilling lyrics and metallic bass riffs are incredibly eerie in the best way, for an easy escape from monotony.
  5. "Sail" – Awolnation
    Written and recorded by front man Aaron Bruno, "Sail" is Awolnation's most successful and popular hit. Simple lyrics leave the bass unobstructed and free. From the start, the driving bass adds force and momentum to the crashing symbols and haunting vocals. 
  6. "Titanium" – David Guetta
    Empowering from start to finish, the international hit "Titanium" enchants the masses. From French DJ David Guetta, this track features some intense dance-club style beats. Australian artist Sia's vocals add mystery and intrigue to an almost vintage quality melody. The throbbing pulse of bass is unremitting and emotionally poignant. Heightened fervor and temperamental drops emphasized by the presence of well-placed explosive bass only deepen the booming excitement of this electric pop song.
  7. "Radioactive" – Imagine Dragons
    From their hit album "Night Visions," the band Imagine Dragons launched the popular track "Radioactive." Best known from the movie trailer for "The Host," "Radioactive" is a modern, unique blend of dubstep and electronic rock. The thundering bass only grows throughout the song, accelerating into intense depths during the chorus. Lyrics proclaiming revolution and rebirth in a chemical age enhance emotions as deep as the bass emanating from your floor-standing speakers and vibrating your soul.
  8. "Can't Hold Us" – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
    Upbeat and buoyant, "Can't Hold Us" will captivate and reel you in with its contemporary animation and pounding bass. The feisty bass beats vigorously complement the pace of the lyrics sung by Seattle singer/songwriter "Macklemore." This catchy tune is fiercely addictive, and the throbbing bass is eclectic and fresh. Drums, piano, tambourines, whimsical handclaps and a full band equipped with poppy trumpets and thundering trombones make this revolutionary melody quirky and fantastically entertaining.
  9. "Yeah" – Usher
    A major hit for R&B sensation Usher, "Yeah" is the creation of top-name rap artists including Lil Jon and Ludacris. The bass thunders steadily to that fast crunk tempo that is notorious on dance floors. Sharp synthesizer segments with occasional exotic triangle rings enhance the highs, while the lows maintain a dominant, robust presence. 
  10. "Boom Boom Pow" – Black Eyed Peas 
    Turn up the volume and "let the beat rock" in this pumping track from the Black Eyed Peas. Electronic stimulated energy keeps the bass exploding through and Fergie's auto-tuned vocals. Futuristic beats and low bass drive "Boom Boom Pow" from beginning to end. The bass really does "boom" when you pump up the volume.

Although all of the hits on this list are from the recent decade, many heart-pumping tunes emerged in earlier eras. Nirvana released "Smells like Teen Spirit" during the height of grunge fever in 1991, complete with a heavy, brain-addling bass chorus. The ageless bass intro of "Back in Black" by AC/DC ignites energy even in the most iron of men. Epic classics from the '70s include "My Sharona" from The Knacks, Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" and "Carry on Wayward Son" from Kansas, which all feature iconic riffs and larger-than-life bass lines. Add some much needed bass to your life.