Sanyo DVD players are fairly basic compared to some of the products from other brands. However, the image quality and features still represent good value. If you’re on a tight budget or looking for an inexpensive unit for a student or as a backup device, then a DVD or Blu-ray player from Sanyo is a solid choice.

Not all DVD and Blu-ray players from Sanyo are region-free. Some are encoded to a single region, while others are multi-region players, so if you like to watch content from all around the world, be sure to check the player's region restrictions before you complete your purchase. You’ll also only find internet connectivity and streaming capability on a few select models. The majority of the DVD and Blu-ray player line from Sanyo doesn’t have internet connectivity to allow streaming.

Most Sanyo players connect to your television set via HDMI cables, but some of the economy models connect via the old composite video output standard, and some include coaxial out connections. Select Sanyo players offer internet connectivity via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Mid- and top-range players from Sanyo have a USB port, usually located in the front, so you can connect USB storage media, cameras, external hard drives and other peripherals, letting you access stored files, images, videos and music.

Basic models produce standard-definition images, while the top-range players offer up to 1080p Full HD. Some of the more expensive units offer video upscaling to improve the image quality of old or low-resolution discs. Notably, Sanyo doesn’t offer any 4K or Ultra HD players, nor do these products support 3D playback. However, as part of a good-value, feature-light home entertainment setup, this isn’t too problematic.

Sanyo DVD and Blu-ray players don’t have much in the way of smart technology. However, some of the higher-end units that connect to the internet do have some native streaming apps that you can access from the home screen. These can include VUDU, Netflix and YouTube. Those that go online also give you access to BD-Live, so you can download bonus content, play games and chat with other users. Sanyo’s DVD and Blu-ray players are Energy Star certified, so they make a good option for energy-conscious consumers.