The Electrohome EAKAR300 karaoke machine makes it easy to have a memorable karaoke party. This affordable model features a wide array of music sources and several included accessories. You'll get a long microphone cord, a karaoke starter CD and RCA audio video cables that make setting it up quick and simple.

This karaoke player makes it easy to start singing right away because it includes a CD+G karaoke disc featuring music from various artists. If you want to enjoy additional songs, the Electrohome EAKAR300 can connect to your computer, tablet, smartphone or MP3 player, so you can and sing to any songs on them or to stream online karaoke tracks. You can also play any CD or CD+G on the disc player, just like the Singing Machine STVG-519.

The sleek modern look matches most modern electronics, and the blue party light allows the Electrohome player to add a stylish touch to your karaoke party. The machine’s small size and light weight make it easy to transport or store anywhere. The professional dynamic microphone allows you to enjoy singing a solo, and there are ports for extra microphones so you can sing a duet with a friend. Navigation is easy and streamlined, and the attractive interface features a digital track display and black and chrome buttons that are clearly labeled.

Like the VocoPro JamCube 2, this karaoke player features an arsenal of voice enhancing options so you can sound like a professional. The Digital Echo Control can instantly make your voice sound polished and assured with a full-tone reverberation effect, and the AVC Singing Coach fills in where you leave off if you forget words or have to stop singing, as it senses that you have stopped singing and starts playing prerecorded track vocals in your place. It allows you to jump back in whenever you are ready, and it the vocals will fade back out, keeping the karaoke party going.

You'll get lifetime customer product support and a one-year warranty with this portable karaoke machine, so you have peace of mind that your player is covered, no matter where you go.

The Electrohome EAKAR300 lets you enjoy your favorite songs while sounding like a professional singer. The included accessories make it easy to set up, and the controls are simple to use. Plus, it's portable and allows you to play tracks from a number of sources. Overall, this is a useful and affordable piece of karaoke equipment.

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