SafeGuardian review

The SafeGuardian fall detection sensor is a lightweight device that connects to a monitoring center for help if you have fallen in your home.

SafeGuardian review
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SafeGuardian provides reliable fall detection service with a wide selection of add-on features available and a powerful battery life.


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    Reliable fall detection

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    Long-lasting back-up battery


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    SafeGuardian makes medical alert systems capable of detecting when you fall at home. Each of the company's devices connect to a monitoring center to provide urgent advice and assistance in the event of a fall, as is the case with the best fall detection sensors. The monitoring center staff are trained to help you distinguish which falls require an ambulance, and will get that help for you.

    You can request a self-testing unit or check-in service from SafeGuardian; the latter is where a monitoring center agent periodically checks in with you to ensure your at-home fall detection system is working properly. This gives you peace of mind, knowing your system will work in an emergency. 

    For this review, we'll be focusing on the CareCaller Monitored Alert fall detection system, though SafeGuardian has several other models to choose from. 

    SafeGuardian review: Features

    The SafeGuardian CareCaller is a small handheld device designed to directly call your caregiver or a listed family, friend or neighbor - whomever you feel comfortable calling upon for personal assistance in the event of a fall.

    The standout feature of this small automatic fall detection system is that it's able to send a text message and then calls up to three contacts (which you will have programmed into the CareCaller) as soon as your press the big SOS button in the middle of the device. When one of your three designated emergency contacts answers, you can directly speak to them and listen to what they say via the built-in two-way speakerphone. 

    This is a great feature, and unlike what we have seen so far from many of the best medical alert systems. The CareCaller device costs $179 and is often on sale for just $99. You will need to add $10 a month for fall alerts, and you have the option of adding a CareCaller Professional Monitoring Service Plan for an extra $49 a month.

    For a budget option, take a look at the Medical Alert fall detection system, or the BlueStar SeniorTech for a pendant sensor design.

    SafeGuardian review

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    "We have monitored thousands of medical alarm customers during the past decade. Our experience showed us that 90% of the help calls are for routine personal assistance," said Kathleen Holohan, Director of Innovation for SafeGuardian, upon release of the CareCaller.

    "These calls include requests for lift-assists, non-injury help requests and routine daily matters. Many times, the wearer should really call a caregiver, loved-one or family member directly – not an emergency monitoring center. Now seniors can call a caregiver or loved-one for routine personal assistance and avoid the cost and embarrassment of needlessly dispatching the paramedics."

    SafeGuardian review: Performance

    The SafeGuardian CareCallers are very easy to use, as you only need to press the SOS button for three seconds to send an emergency text and call your designated emergency contacts. The text message contains your name and the date and time of exactly when the emergency message was sent.

    The device also includes a built-in GPS locator so that you can be found more easily. Within that same emergency message, the CareCaller transmits your real-time location with a Google map link.

    SafeGuardian review

    (Image credit: SafeGuardian)

    After the message is sent, the SafeGuardian fall detection sensor starts dialing your three pre-programmed contacts in order. If no-one answers the first call, it'll automatically call the second then the third, and go around in a loop until someone answers.

    For a more powerful fall detection sensor, we'd also recommend looking at GreatCall.

    Should I buy the SafeGuardian Response Now?

    SafeGuardian is a good choice in fall detection technology, and is perfect for seniors who worry about falling when in or outside of their home. The bonus of GPS tracking, in real-time, provides enhanced peace of mind not just for you, but also for your loved ones who may worry about you. 

    The CareCaller is also waterproof and rechargeable, and could make all the difference in helping you to feel more empowered when living alone or when you're caregivers or loved ones have left for the day.

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